Sleepy Pizza

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I was might tired! Andy was working. I looked in the fridge. We had basil. We had cheese. I made pizza. Rather, I let the Kitchen Aid mixer make some dough (from this book) while I watched Judge Judy. It went well. When it was was done rising, I took it out and admired it on my new marble rolling-things-out board. I thought it looked pretty. I hoped I could finish making, let alone eating, the pizza before I fell fast asleep. Prolly not supposed to sleep while eating dinner. So they say.


I have some stewed roma tomatoes with a little sugar and garlic that I keep in a bag in the freezer. When I want a pizza for dinner, I hack off a chunk of the icy tomato-y block and thaw it out in the microwave. Next time I make sauce I will try to find an ice-cube tray and freeze some tomato-y cubes. We never seem to have an ice-cube tray because we have an ice dispenser in the refrigerator door. Must remedy. It would be safer and less messy than hacking at a red ice block with a knife.


Back to Hemingway-esque writing style: I rolled out 1/4 of the dough. I smeared some tomatoes on it. I don't like much of that stuff. A little is okay.


I added some fresh basil and some Grana Padano, a birthday present from my friend Sarah. I got a giant wedge. Is that not the best present? I was thrilled.


I also added mozzy. Prolly too much. Oh well! I baked it at 500 degrees F for 8 minutes. It was good. Pizza in pajamas. Always good, somehow.


Yummy looking pizza! But I'm really interested in the marble board you got. I've got the idiotic 4" x 4" tile counters too, and was wondering where to get a BIG marble "board" for my rolling-out surface. And is it heavy? Or do you just leave it on top all the time?

Looks divine! I did the same thing last Friday night. I wanted pizza and it was something we had some ingredients on hand for. It whipped up perfectly.

There's nothing wrong with pizza for one. ;)

Oh, girl! You had my heart at Grana. Here in Wisconsin (hello, CHEESE!) we purchase American-made Grana and don't even buy that bland stuff anymore. Oh, what is it called. Parmesan?! :D

I also don't like much of the tomato sauce on there. This looks might delicious, Alicia.

Where did you get your marble slab? I want one for rolling things out!

I made a homemade pizza last night also...mine didn't go as easy as yours :(

Now that is impressive... especially for a mighty tired woman. I might have lifted the receiver and called in an order, but you raise the bar quite nicely!

Pajamas are like bacon, I find. Everything tastes better when you're wearing them. (Not that I _wear_ bacon--or even eat it for that matter, since I'm a vegetarian. My point is, I like to eat in my pajamas.) :-)

My mouth is literally watering. Lucky for you (and me!) I have some left over pizza in the fridge so I think a little mid morning snack is in order. I have that cookbook on my wish list. I think I might treat myself to a little Mother's Day treat!

That's a sweet pizza. And I like your Hemingway sentences.

prairiecactus says: May 04, 2011 at 07:48 AM can freeze the sauce in muffin or regular size, then you have nice manageable amounts to work with and no hacking involved!
The pizza looks yummy!

I love how easy pizza is even though I'm often a little too lazy to make the dough.

I need to make pie tonight. I wonder if I will be able to stay up the entire time.

Never too much cheese... simply not possible!

Oh my! That looks quite good. I hope you got some rest after your yummy meal.

Melissa L. says: May 04, 2011 at 09:10 AM

I'm too lazy to make dough, which is why I have New Seasons Market on speed dial. When I place my order, they don't even ask my name anymore - Predictible is my middle name.

Mmmmmm, looks delish !!! :)
Vivienne x

Yum! dinner will be served here tonight!

Your pizza looks quite artisanal.

So happy for you that your received many orders for your crewel kit. If I didn't already have on million embroidery projects started, I would have ordered one my self. The letters are so charming.

Wow, even in "lazy mode" you put more effort into supper than I have lately ;-) You're making me look really really bad!!

Oh that looks gorgeous. And, I love that you have a friend who gave you cheese for your birthday-- perfect!

jennifer says: May 04, 2011 at 10:16 AM

Alicia, don't take this wrong. I love the way you write in your blog. I've been a fan for a long time, but the Hemingway tribute was AWESOME. Please more.

Mmmmm, Alicia, you are singing my song. Now I know what I'm doing for dinner tonight!

you are an inspiration- when sleepy, I just open up a yogurt

I really really want to push my finger in to that dough, but not as much as I want to eat that Pizza. Yum. Oh, you can never have too much Mozza.

I remember in Turkey eating a baked Prawn dish that had something similar to Mozzarella in it, I don't know what it was, I called it Mozzarella Extreme. When you ate it it refused to break so the bit you put in your mouth stayed attached by a stringy cheese thread to the main bowl, and when you swallowed IT WAS STILL ATTACHED. Was kind of gross but it all tasted SO damn good I ordered it every night of the holiday. It's 4th in my top 5 foods I've ever eaten;

1. Asian style bowl of delights at Axe in Venice, California.
2. Veggie meal at the Ice Hotel restaurant in Sweden.
3.Vegetarian Vietnamese Spring Rolls in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
4. Baked Prawn dish in Fethiye, Turkey.
5. Garlic Nutburger with ALL the relishes and extras from Bell's Diner, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Well thank you for that, who knew your delicious dough would send me down memory lane like that. Now I have to go and make myself a hummous and BBQ sauce sandwich because the cupboards are bare but my belly is grumpling.

Yummy. Also, very happy to click over here and not see THAT FOOT in my face from the last post!! :-)

Is there any other way to eat pizza than in pajamas??? (love the image of you with a giant knife hacking away at a block of red frozen stuff - reminds me of me hacking away at my block of green frozen stuff [pesto])

Delilah says: May 04, 2011 at 11:38 AM

Thanks for the cookbook info. I love making my own pizza. I found a copy at my local library and will see if I need to buy one of my own. I have too many cookbooks that I never use.

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