Breakfast with Elizabeth

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I am trying to shoot more photos without using my tripod. I think I've gotten very dependent on it. It's nice but it doesn't let you get to every angle. In summer, there is so much more light! And it is so much easier to take photos without a tripod!

Thank you for all of the thoughts and reflections and memories and insight you added to my day (life) yesterday. Thank you thank you. I needed that. xoxo

I think I want to do one of those still-life paintings of a table scene. You know the kind I mean? Perspective from above? Any favorites? I know I have a few — I'll try to find them. I always really liked those.


Your table looks delightful! I do have some favorite kitchen and table setting paintings but they are not really from the above perspective. Here is one of my favorite Etsy artists
She does a lot of beautiful home life paintings.

I really love this picture. I have the opposite issue, I need to get my tripod out and make friends with it again : )

this is so beautiful, what a lovely breakfast :) you really capture the beauty of lovingly set table~

You paint too? Show us some of your work! I also paint, but not enough, need to do more. I rarely use my tripod, I just really work on holding my breath while I shoot and try reallllllly hard not to move. My son was a small bore rifle shooter and told me how they shoot between breaths.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

I was telling myself that this was a tripod photo until I read your text! It's so clear! Beautiful - you have such an eye.

I like to use a monopod (when I actually take pictures instead of just thinking about taking pictures, that is). It gives stability, but it's a lot more flexible.

That is a good looking breakfast table! Very sort of Carl Larsson. Are those golden raspberries???

Yes, are those golden raspberries? I had some several weeks ago, a neighbor brought some by. Yum! I like your photo; like I can hear some pleasant conversation happening. And you have such a steady hand. That's my trouble. I bought a little mini-tripod from REI (Item # 777249) and find that if I clasp all 3 legs together it allows me to get closer in and somehow steadies things. It also has a velcro strap to wind around tree limbs and such. (a steal at $14.95). You are inspiring -- I'm not very good with presentation -- but I am a good cook! Keep that inspiration coming.

Carl Larsson's meal scenes, either outdoors, or inside at night. It's the people's faces that make his so intriguing.

This may not be *exactly* what you have in mind, but Maira Kalman always makes me smile, and she paints a pretty great breakfast tray (complete with feet!):

We have traveled to Wisconsin, where I am enjoying countless lovely scenes and warm hospitality... Something like I enjoy when visiting here at your blog. I always enjoy the light you find and make, in every season.

I like this view a lot. It's always good to change things up before you get to fixed in your ways or dependent on one set up to get an image you like. Your table looks lovely!

I've always liked the views of your mantel. Really enjoying the one on your header right now ... and your Christmas mantel displays are at the top of my list. :) xxoo

You have the prettiest home. Every photo you post of your house and garden makes me wish we were neighbors. That way I could pop over and visit and share a cup of tea!

Alicia, I've always loved your photos. Especially indoors or house/craft related. This back to five years ago whe I started reading you.
It is probably what lead me to buy a SLR 3 years ago (and it was you who "put a crochet hook" in my hand as well - virtually speaking that is.
In the Pacific NW, it would certainly worth it getting a f1.4, this would allow you to shoot without a tripod -- this focal brings it so much light in, even on a dark rainy day.
And as a very visual person (sorry to be honest here) your posts are so much prettier without the iphone app pictures...

when I said f1.4... I wanted to say a lens of course !

Your eye for capturing that scene with just the right light is a gift. Will the kitchen photos be coming soon? I need my posy house fix badly. I have recently painted and now want to remodel everything. Just not able to financally at the moment. Oh!! And what about the Christmas ornament kits. And, and ....

Hi, I just wanted to say that your blog is really nice! Lovely craft things, food and photos! If you like, take a look at my blog too, it has a similar theme!


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