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"Dutch Still Life with Lemons and Engagement Calendar"
Paul Wonner

"Be obscure clearly! Be wild of tongue in a way we can understand!"
Maira Kalman, from the book Elements of Style

"Still Life with Plums and White Pitcher"
Hank Helmantel

Wayne Thiebaud

"Still Life with Three Eggs and Four Pears"
Braldt Bralds

The perspectives on these aren't all from above, but it is kinda interesting that in all of these ones that I like there is a big blank wall. I love these. Especially the kitterses.


"Still Life with Plums and White Pitcher" for me ... I feel like I could reach out and eat one!

The NAME of the second one...I'm in love! And also in love with that one kitty laying down with her paws curled under, looking at you. She looks just like my Mabel!

Melissa L. says: July 29, 2011 at 01:03 PM

I love Paul Wonner.

I also love the work of Janet Hill:

Sharon D says: July 29, 2011 at 01:42 PM

I think it's so funny that the title of the one with the kitties doesn't even mention them. I mean, there are five kitties! on the table! and the title talks about eggs?!

Thiebaud is one of my favorites! I recently saw "Cakes" at the National Gallery of Art, and it is SO impressive in person. The paint is swirled and layered on like frosting, and the little hints of the rainbow underpainting are enchanting.

I like them all! I don't think I could have the kitties around my food like that ... something about fur near food.
Cakes is my favorite but having a picture of all those sweets would only make me want cake.

I believe that I've witnessed that last scene in real life and it's actually called "I chew on all your plants when you're not looking".

Have a sweet weekend! xo

they are all lovely..thank you for the post..jane

Maryellen says: July 29, 2011 at 03:13 PM

all fun choices, though I'm a Maira Kalman fan myself. I love Jodi's title and really want to see you get that many cats to hold still for any amount of time!

Oh, very cool. Can't wait to see what you create. Domestic still-life painting is definitely a favorite.

Also check out Elizabeth Blackadder, a superb Scottish artist known for her flower paintings but who also does or dud wonderful tabletop still lifes. And cats!

Ooo . . .love these paintings!!! Especially the cake one!!

My fav would be the pitcher with the plums. That deep purple and dark violet just pops.

I love the plums. I also like the cakes. In the last one I see six cats, but it's driving me crazy that I only see three pears. Do you you suppose there is one in the bowl of apples? Or that one of the cats is named Pear? Is the image cropped? Or is it some kind of ironic statement by the painter...

I like the cakes the best. Probably because I haven't had dinner yet and I'm hungry!

"Still Life with Three Eggs and Four Pears"
Yeah, not to mention those five kitterses!!!
Loving Portland! Made it to Multnomah Falls, Belmont Food Carts, and Yarn Garden! EEEEE!
One thing I find sooo fantastic is that we can't see Mt. Hood for the longest time, and then! all of a sudden we round a curve on the freeway, and it is HUGE RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!!! Bee uuu tifull!!!

I'm not sure if this is what you mean, and it certainly doesn't have a blank wall...but it is what came to mind when you mentioned this sort of painting yesterday, and I love it:

And I always enjoy your own distinctive and lovely still lifes (lives?) that you share with us here.


the kitties are my favorite too! :)

you may already know her work, but I think you'd love Elizabeth Blackadder- she often has a black cat in her still life paintings and lots of white open space.

.... between the beauty of all we are seeing on our stay in Wisconsin, and these pretty pictures, I really want a brush and paints. Ah, play. Such a gift.

I've been trying to think of a painting since your last post and finally remembered! Fairfield Porter's "Lizzie at the Table" has that kind of feel to it. (

It's funny--a picture of the Thiebaud painting is hanging above my desk in my studio!

For some reason that link doesn't bring up the page (goofy Met site!!!) but if you search on their site for "Lizzie at the Table", it does come up! (sorry)

Can't wait to see what you do! I love, love Maira Kalman, too, and that's the way I want to paint!

P.S. Loving my daisy chain

Love the last painting with the cats. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing these wonderful artists.


I love Wayne Thiebaud! When I very first started taking art courses in college all I did was paint cakes. I still love to do it.

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