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Our little Clover Meadow — I just cannot believe what a good dog she is. For the past couple of weeks, the back gate has been wide open. The side of it had to be removed to make way for the deck-dock, and then the workers just needed it to be open since they were going back and forth to trucks and bricks and wood and whatnot. This was nervewracking for her (oh, and for me). She is a dog of habit, and she likes things to be tidy and normal and under control (oh, wait that's me). Gates should be closed, floors should be solid, holes should not appear and disappear in sides of houses. But she took it all in stride (that's not me). With all of the commotion and people and tools and open gates and saws and jackhammers and everything else, she just sort of stuck right by us and rode it out. We can pretty much ask her to do (or not do) anything with our voice now — either with words or by making certain sounds. I've never had a dog like that before. It's not like we are great dog trainers or anything even close. But I think she just really always wants to do the right thing, and we got lucky. Doesn't it freak you out sometimes, the way people and animals learn to figure it out together? It's constantly amazing to me.

She is four years old this summer. Her favorite person in the whole wide world got to puppersit her overnight this past weekend and I know she was LOVING it.

This is the first day in what feels like weeks and weeks that she and I are here by ourselves, without a thousand things to do. It's very quiet. The sun is shining. We cleaned the new kitchen floor. We sat outside and had breakfast. We need to fill the birdfeeders. We are thinking we should paint some stuff. But maybe we'll just sit here. Yeah, maybe we will.

I forgot to say thank you so much for all of the sweet anniversary wishes. It was a really sweet day. Xo


Susie Sears Taylor says: July 20, 2011 at 10:07 AM

Yes, sit and ENJOY! Work will come along soon enough. Congrats on the new "room".

What a sweetie she is, that little face...
happy belated anniversary, don't know how i managed to miss yesterdays post.
Enjoy the peace and the sunshine
j x

Four years!? Wow... time... it really does fly, doesn't it?

As always, thank you so much for this little glimpse into your world. Puppers!

If I had a dog... oh let it be a Clover-like dog. I *HEART* Clover-Meadow.
Sounds as though the rest of summer is waiting for you... may it remain as peaceful and normal as pleases the happy Paulsons.

oliver just turned 2...we're not "there" quite yet, although he does stick to me like glue. enjoy your quiet day alicia and clover.xo

Sweet Clover. Our Corgi, Thea-Turbo-McFatty, sounds very similar. Our beagle would have been out that gate in a second, and gone....but if Thea found her way outside the yard, she'd just walk around to the front door and wait for us to discover her and let her back in the house. She puts herself to bed at night. If we're watching t.v. and it gets late, we'll look up and say, "Where's Fatty?" Sure enough, she's taken herself off to bed.

Lynda M O says: July 20, 2011 at 10:41 AM

Birthday wishes for the four-pawed wonder. Four years old and just as lovable and sweet as they come. Bless her with long life and lots of happy times.

You know, if I could get my children, even just one of them, to behave like your Clover, I'd be a happy, happy man! Your deck and yard look great! And, many happy returns for your anniversary!

All the best,

Jake and Melissa

she is such a sweet doggie muff....fifi is like that....just wants to please, just wants to follow directions and fly under the radar...... likes a place for everything and everything in it's place....oh, and she wants to lie on the air conditioner vent....if only i could change THAT>

Builder Mama says: July 20, 2011 at 11:33 AM

I think Cardis really like to please. Our older one Rufus is 11-1/2 and he definitely wants to do the right thing. Nick, the 7-month old...well, he *wants* to do the right thing, just sometimes that puppy brain gets in the way. This particular breed just seems to almost be human at times. Enjoy your new dock-deck, and the peacefulness of your day. Oh, and a belated happy anniversary to you and Andy (cutest couple ever!)!

Clover Meadow is clearly a total darling, bless her. There is no way I could leave a gate open here, all 5 of the whippets would be off exploring the big wide world in an instant.

Happy belated anniversary x

Clover Meadow is so adorable. I have five dogs right now and I am constantly amazed at how well I can understand them, and them me. I am glad to see that you get to sit and enjoy your finished project and with clover meadows company too!!

My goodness, I found your blog just as you were picking out her from her litter. I can't believe I've been reading for four years, hahha. :)

I hope your anniversary was lovely!

I love my Buddy like you love Clover.. but she's WAY better behaved than Buddy when outside. Our Cairn Terrier is baaaaaaad about racing away. Last time he did that was at midnight and what we believe was at least one Coyote got him by the neck and nearly had him for dinner. I'll never have another dog that you can't have off-leash and trust him to stay by your side. :-)

Our corgi Beatrice is the same way, but I attribute it to her thinking "Leave?? Wha...Why would I go anywhere? This is where the food and the love is!" ;)

You are sooo lucky that Miss Clover is so laid back and obedient. That would NEVER be the case with a certain Australian Shepherd/Lab with whom I am intimately acquainted. ;)

she is wonderful, you are so lucky!! I only hope my next dog will be even a fraction of her goodness. currently I have a bullheaded brut!

You can tell Clover Meadow that everytime I check your blog I hope for a Clover Meadow post.

She's just the cutest :)


Oh yeah, glad you have pretty sunshine to warm your day! She IS the world's best dog......I'm a little miffed that I'm not her favorite person ;-) but I approve of her REAL favorite person, much sweeter and closer!

I think it's cute how our dogs love to do what pleases us. I think it's a miracle ! So much love. Relax and enjoy your new spaces.

Sounds so much like our Corgi, Dottie. She aims to please, sometimes much to our chagrin. We say she "follows from in front." She is always there just in case we need her to help with something. Anything.

She also is crazy smart when it comes to commands. She knows hand signals which is a great little trick when you want to sneak her a treat behind Dad's back.

I absolutely love hearing about Clover Meadow.

oh she looks and sounds like such a sweetie! I miss having a dog so much and I hope that we will be able to get one sometime next year! That is my daughter's greatest wish of all too :)

Well done Clover Meadow, you are such a lovely sweet dog.
Carol xx

(((Hey Clover Meadow)))♥

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