A Journey

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Tomorrow Andy and I will board a cross-country train as our adoption journey takes us to a place I never in a million light-years thought it would take us: back home, to Illinois.

That we are going to Illinois now and that we came from Illinois then are total coincidences, and not even as strange as so many other things that have happened in the past three weeks to bring us to this point. The situation is still fluid and uncertain; at the center of it there is a very brave and beautiful young woman and her baby who need all our love and prayers. I will hold Andy's hand tightly as we watch the mountains, then the forest, then the prairie, and then the fields roll by, as we have done so many times together already. Though this journey is so unique, and its territories so unknown, something seems familiar. I feel a sense of destiny, and deeply trust that no matter how things turn out, they will turn out exactly as they should.


Wishing you the best of luck!

safe journeys for all

Every single day I come to your blog hoping to hear this news. My prayers are with you and the young woman, with hopes this turns out the way you want it to. I'll be thinking of you both,

I have thought about this for you guys for a while...wondering when we might hope to see this news. Sending prayers to you and mom and baby.

safe journey... your words are so true - everything will turn out as it should. look forward to updates.

oh my gosh, God Bless ALL of you in this journey, how exciting!

Praying for you, friend. xo!!

Oh, breathless prayers and good thoughts!

I got goosebumps reading that. Hoping this ends with you having the child you've dreamed of but I know how uncertain these things can be. Thinking of you and anxious for updates when/if you can.

I come here everyday like so many others hoping to hear this kind of news from you. I will be sending all the good thoughts your way.

Stitch Sista says: August 31, 2011 at 08:32 PM

Best of luck, I will hold you all in my thoughts. x

Sending you all good thoughts.

Oh my goodness! Great news! So excited for you two!

All of my best wishes and thoughts are with you and Andy as you make this journey.

Best wishes to you, and Andy and the birth mom and baby.

Yes, everything will turn out as it should. Best of luck to you -- I'm keeping you all in my thoughts!

Wishing you a wonderful trip!

I will be praying for your family, and hoping it may grow in ways never imagined with more LOVE than even thought possible. Safe journey to you both.

All the very best, whatever that best needs to be.

Wow. Best wishes to all.

Some babies come from their mother's bodies, your baby will be born from your heart... wishing all the best for a safe delivery and that you come home with a baby in your arms. What an amazing gift that the birth mother is providing to you; and what an amazing gift that you are providing to the birth mother. Blessings and light.

You sound very brave and calm in the face of a situation that must feel extremely unnerving. Sending you positive energy!

this gave me goosebumps....take care, luck and love to you all. xo

Big. Huge. No matter how it turns out. Thanks for sharing this with your readers. We will all be thinking of you all.

We've been waiting with you, though I can't begin to imagine the waiting you've been doing. Best of luck (and LOVE!) to you on your journey.

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