A Journey

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Tomorrow Andy and I will board a cross-country train as our adoption journey takes us to a place I never in a million light-years thought it would take us: back home, to Illinois.

That we are going to Illinois now and that we came from Illinois then are total coincidences, and not even as strange as so many other things that have happened in the past three weeks to bring us to this point. The situation is still fluid and uncertain; at the center of it there is a very brave and beautiful young woman and her baby who need all our love and prayers. I will hold Andy's hand tightly as we watch the mountains, then the forest, then the prairie, and then the fields roll by, as we have done so many times together already. Though this journey is so unique, and its territories so unknown, something seems familiar. I feel a sense of destiny, and deeply trust that no matter how things turn out, they will turn out exactly as they should.


Fingers crossed!

Me again.
♥♥♥♥ Still sending Love ♥♥♥♥

Hi Mr & Mrs Posie,
I am waiting with bated breath and sending powerful love out into the universe to you.
Jude xxx

I am hoping for you. Hoping for all of you.

Have been thinking of you and hoping your journey brought you to a positive place x

Praying that things turn out just the way they should... for peace and assurance and continued hope. Safe travels!!

My prayers and warm wishes are with you. I hope everything is going well!

blessings! peace and love to you...

I know my comment is one of over a thousand, but your post brought back so many memories of meeting our own (3!) birth mothers. I remember the first time so vividly and am glad you are capturing every essence - the pictures and the impressions - of this journey so beautifully. Praying for all of you.

Thinking about you, and can't wait to hear the news! I hope all goes smoothly on this exciting (and nerve-wracking I'm sure!) journey xoxo

Many hopes, many blessings for all.

Je vous souhaite le meilleur <3

Fantastic, here's hoping that all goes well and that you are able to welcome a new family member very soon!

Maria Villarreal says: September 10, 2011 at 04:34 PM

Yes, it is so good to have faith and trust that things turn out as they should. Many blessings to everyone involved in this journey with you!

I've been thinking of you since you posted this but haven't been where I could post a comment. I have found myself thinking of and praying for you and Andy often as you have been waiting for a child. (And, selfishly, I long to hear posts of your journey as it is a journey my husband and I will likely choose to take as we haven't been able to get pregnant.) Prayers and lots of love to you.

My gosh, amazing photos - particularly the two prairie shots right in the middle, they look like painting. My fingers are crossed for you.

I am sorry to have taken so long to notice! Congratulations to you from the bottom of my heart. Your child will be the most fortunate of children; no-one could treasure a child more than those adoptive parents who have been yearning and wishing for so long. As someone who was adopted, I am so grateful to have been wanted so badly by my parents, and I am thrilled for your new adventure!

how completely and magically wonderful!!! Some things you just know to be true in your bones, and following those whispers that lead home with a brave and open heart, is the beauty of the journey. Sending love in all directions.

Much happiness and love to you all! Congratulations!!

Part of me hates to add to such a long list of comments for you to read when you must already have so much going on in your minds. But just know that over here in England there are little prayers are being said for you and love being sent across the miles.

Having been that young mother once, it is wonderful to see someone going through the other side- to see the love and kindness you have. I think that a loving family is all one can ever hope for that precious child they are giving. Even though it has been 12 years and I haven't cried in 10 years, your post brought back so many emotions. I pray for the young mother, the baby, and for you and Andy. What a wonderful opportunity adoption truly is!

my heart is smiling reading the news. Thank you for sharing.

Such wonderful news for both of you - you will be in my thoughts and prayers every step of the way.

Mailornish@gmail.com says: September 14, 2011 at 09:13 PM

as always, you write life so beautifully! Sending my most positive thoughts your direction as I know you will be an outstanding mother!

What pretty colors in the picture! This is exactly how I picture fall. I consider fall one of the most exhilarating times of the year-- perfect for bringing home a perfect little child.

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