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Twilight is coming earlier to the back yard these days. It's very obvious. Fall is in the air. I saw a man raking his front yard. I keep thinking about apples. And orchards. I'm thinking about so many things.


Nice, it hasn't come to northern California yet. Autumn time always makes me think of burnt orange, pumpkin patches and hay rides. And it's the best time to ride a bike.

It was a short summer, wasn't it? Yet after these few hot days, I'm ready for fall. Tops of the maple trees are already changing color! Your deck is lovely.

Such a peaceful photo.
Fall? I think I remember something like that, but it seems all I really know about is 104-109 temperatures. I wish I could convince my hubby we need to live in Oregon, although it would most likely be a case of "the grass is always greener on the other side".
*sigh* (or *melt* in this case)

My least favorite season is summer, because it's sometimes not easy to be out in Mother Nature when it's too hot and humid, here in the Midwest. The other seasons are all my favorites. It's wonderful having been born to experience this beautiful earth! How lucky to be part of it all! I'm always thankful for all that I am and for everything that I have in life! I try to slow down each day to make it last,... sort of like when all of us were little ones...when a day seemed to be such a long,long fun one.

Cool evenings, dusk walks lit by street lamps, pumpkins, apples, fresh notebooks, sharp pencils, new shows on TV ....

What isn't there to love about fall?

nesting comes to mind...blankets coming out of the closet, mums and black-eyed susans...and the geese overhead.

It is hard to believe that sumer is over already. I have noticed the shorter day light too. I am very fortunate I live in Macintosh Country. I am afraid that they may have been damaged in the storm that we had yesterday. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Earlier twilight and apples (apple pie!) have been on my mind, too. I hope you're doing wonderfully.

You aren't alone...I'm SO ready for the crispness of early fall and the coziness of late fall [my favorite season].

I went to the grocery yesterday and noticed how expensive apples were. I can't wait for fall. I want to make a few pies and where my cardigans 24/7.

Whosyergurl says: August 29, 2011 at 10:46 AM

It was dark by 8:30 p.m. last night here in southern Indiana. And staying dark later in the a.m. Fall is in the air much to my delight.
Lovely photograph.
xo, Cheryl

Katherine says: August 29, 2011 at 10:55 AM

It was crazy-hot here (south Texas) yesterday~109! I am trying to be patient, but I'd LOVE an early Autumn! :)

Saturday I was heading home from a class just as Irene was moving in to dump rain all over the north eastern US, and as the sky darkened to night I was reminded how little summer there is truly left. It was kind of an awesome feeling, though a little sad.

I am a girl of the North. I notice the waning light as well. I welcome it.

Pretty photo. xo

I hear you on the getting dark earlier. Last week I couldn't time my nightly run/walks right, and I ended up sprinting home in the dark, dark, dark a few times. And it was only 8:30.

I used to START OUT at 8:30 a month or so ago.

Been thinking about this a lot lately, as I notice the lengthening cast of the shadows, the light starting to pale ever so slightly. I suppose it has been a short summer, but it was such a lovely one, I keep forgetting it was only about four weeks of consistently hot weather. I've found myself eyeing the beans on my teepee and thinking about turning them into curry with pumpkin or calabaza and coconut and lots of the new mexican green chilis I saw at Whole Foods last week. I picked some wild apples and rosehips at the park and am thinking of either making a chutney of them or of pickling the apples; I like the idea of jars of pickled crabapples in the cupboard. Might be good tucked in with the thanksgiving turkey, eh? And it's definitely time to make some of my change-of-season favorites, like my fig and blueberry tart with sweet potato custard filling!

It's the same here in England. I am really a fair weather person happiest in Spring and Summer but none the less, the thought of a new season is quite exciting, an excuse for cosying up and lots of comfort food!

And sweaters...

I just bought something off Craigslist and when I picked it up the man had an apple tree with fruit falling all over the ground. He'd just moved in and couldn't keep up with the apples so gave me a bag and now I have a big basket full of the most misshapen, small, yummy apples ever.

And I was thinking, wow, the apples are early this year (and the grapes!) but, no, I'm just a few months behind. It really is coming on fall already. Crazy.

Seems like Fall arrived in Corbett today. Mist on the skylights over our bed. Grayness. I had to close the window in the kitchen as cold damp air was blowing in. It'll be time to start a fire soon. ::sigh::

Beautiful, such pretty lights...I too am feeling ready to slip peacefully into autumn with all that it offers
jooles x

What a beautiful scene. Really puts me in the mood for autumn. I just cant wait til it finally arrives here!~

Oh my gosh, your pictures are absolutely stunning. I think my blood pressure just dropped about 20 points just sitting here looking at them. You have a wonderful eye.

Lynn Jones says: August 29, 2011 at 01:49 PM

Could you just send a little bit of that fallish-feel to Tucson? We know it won't be here for six or so weeks, but a little breath of it just might help us get through.

I know it is August 29.
I know. But I do not know how this is possible.
Of course here in So Cal, we cannot look forward to true fall until... about mid-December, but that's winter, right?
One whiff of apple pie, or the sight of pumpkins in the market will send my heart into blissful pattering for fall, fall, fall!

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