dispatch from the felt cutting table

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Howdy everyone. It's Andy again. Okay, I've been hiding out a little bit because I never wrote the pizza post. The reason for this is that the pizza was bad. It was okay, I guess, at least it wasn't a pizza ball (remember that one?) So this is a picture of the kind of pizza I like:


We stopped for it on our way from the train station to my parents' house. And I can see that I take after my dad. Look at that smile on him! What a nut!!


And before I start going on and on about felt, I might as well show you some of the pictures of the trip from my phone...


Okay. Felt. I love it. And this year, we tried to be as efficient as possible. For my part, I tried to streamline when possible. Take this snack station, for instance. I put both the sweet and the salty in one bowl.


Check out my new rotary cutter. I love it so much. Titanium blade, oversized wheel. What! And it's white, like my iphone. I figure they make it white so you can see when you are bleeding a moment or two earlier than the older, darker rotary cutters. By the way, there were no equipment casualties this year (other than, maybe, my cutting mat - you may have little pieces of green on your felt - I noticed some of that and dusted them off when I saw 'em). But I have to say that Clover seems to be a bit stressed with all the commotion. She is a creature of habit and our routine for the past few weeks has been upturned. I keep trying to tell her that it's all cool and that we will manage change but you know corgis. They always think they know better.


Aw. The corgi fell over.


I caught this picture of her a couple days ago and her stress seems to be beyond the usual "hey no one is allowed past this step without a leash."


But eventually, she gets herself settled into the new "normal" so I am pretty sure she will adapt to whatever changes come to our pack.


And luckily, some things never change...


Okay that's it for now. It has been so fun working on these kits and my wandering mind has been all through the meadow and the clearing and the path ahead. Thank you all for the orders so I could have that time to think about stuff while I am cutting felt.

Oh! And I actually did write a silk screening post back when I was printing the ABC samplers, so watch for it this season. It's sort of instructional. I'll get it all ready for Alicia so she can put it up. That is if she doesn't ban me from the computer after this!! Or this next one...



Kathy McDonald says: September 27, 2011 at 12:34 PM

Thanks for the great post, Andy! You made my day.

Very Funny Andy! Cute pictures too!

Great post, Andy! LOL at "the corgi fell over."

excellent! i love the "felt dispatches" from you andy. thanks for taking such care with our kits. :)

Oh Andy, when will you see the light and join cheese-nation? Wouldn't you rather cheer on a winner?? Thanks for the post. That corgi is one funny corgi!! So very worried, she is!!!

Love the t-shirt and I could not agree more. I thought that was Lou Malnati's pizza but now I am not sure. Portillo's = yum. I would go get me some but I already had lunch. Great post as always.

haha you guys make such a cute pair! that looks like a lot of work, but exactly the kind of mindless tasking that makes for good thinking and spacing time. very important when big changes and decisions are on the horizon.

Hahahahaha, I always love your posts! Thanks for another great one.

Just in case you want an excellent sweet-salty snack in one, Trader Joe's makes these incredible chocolate covered sea-salt almonds in a plastic tub - they are addictive!
Also, I love a dog with a tiny bit of tongue sticking out like "bleh! I give up on those crazyfolk!"

I made my Iowa-born husband a Portillo's junkie a few years ago, and for a while, every time we visited my parents, we ate nothing but Portillo's and White Castles (his choice). And your t-shirt speaks nothing but the truth- too bad the game was abysmal. Thanks for the fun post!

I'm looking forward to the silk screening post...its something I've always been curious about but never tried!

It takes a very secure man to go public with his Star Wars pillowcase. And the salty/sweet snack streamlining - yeah, we need more of that kind of thinking in this country. Two birds, one stone, you know.

Andy, Andy, you're supposed to streamline the felt not the snacks! Poor Clover, give her a hug from me.

I can't get enough Clover! You may have the most photogenic dog in the world.

i LOVE the Andy posts! Also, I am now deeply craving a pizza that looks like that... tragically I don't think there are any around here that look like that.. although there are 2 places in town I haven't tried yet... it is a small town and I am still pretty new... thanks ANDY! :)

These pictures are making me want Chicago food. Portillo's! That pizza looks more like what my family always had -- not deep dish. (John's in Addison, which is maybe not objectively great pizza, but very nostalgic for me)

Combos + m&ms = brilliant! I sense a new crafy snack coming my way!

your post makes me miss home so much! portillo's! the bears!

Hey Star Wars Boy! Your post rocks!! Speaking of stuff on the felt...Last year when I got my kit, I found a little Clover Meadow hair on the felt! I was so happy, I think I said out loud (while I was facing the West) Awwwww! Hi to you too, Clover Meadow!!! Question:Does drinking really happen on a golf course?

Totally laughed at the computer when I saw - "Aw. The corgi fell over." Thanks for making me look around to see if anyone saw that :)

I love to see and read your perspective, Andy! And your dad has a totally great nutty smile!

andy andy andy....the snack pic is the best...what a comedian....i think you check in from time to time because you know the ladies like to hear from you....! what a hoot...keep cutting...

Love the shirt!!!

Smart idea on the snacks. If you don't have sweet and salty, something is missing.

Looking forward to the delivery of my felt :)

Oh dear! Please don't curse my mailing label!
I love WI but miss my WA:)

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