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Our trip has been intense and incredible. Seriously epic. Thank you so much for all of your beautiful words, thoughts, and prayers. We've carried them all with us through every mile, every step. Everything has gone as well as we could have possibly hoped. I'm overwhelmed, excited, exhausted, and, frankly, sort of speechless (though I don't think I've ever talked so much in my life as I have this past week). I took all of these photos (chronologically) with my cell phone on the train coming east; later today we will leave Chicago, and get back on the train to go west. We are planning to return once again in November. The world is so mysterious and extraordinary. I feel utterly grateful, cracked open, humbled to the core.


Susan Rosen says: September 08, 2011 at 08:30 AM

Safe journeys home.

Still praying.

I have been thinking of you all week, hoping, praying...

All of us are traveling with you in spirit on this journey! Your photos are incredible, especially for a phone!!! Hope you have a safe trip back home...

What a web of hope you have spun from this place. Thank you for letting us come along for the journey.

My heart is full for you.

Amazing news for all of you. So wonderful!!! Thanks for updating us as we have been checking the blog every five minutes in anticipation of your joy. You will have an amazing autumn getting ready. Love to you both!!!

I have read your blog for a couple years now and may have only commented once before (since I don't do that sort of thing). But wanted you to know I have waited for when this special time of your life would occur with the adoption. I have been praying for many things in your lives. I am still praying. I have friends who have adopted and were right in the delivery room. It's so very special and spiritual. Children are a gift from the Lord-in any manner you receive them! Love your pics as always and your words are inspiring too. Safe travels and blessings to you all. xoxoxo

Beautiful photos -- it must have been an amazing trip. As a brand new mom myself, I'm so excited for you two! November is very close!

Rebecca West says: September 08, 2011 at 08:48 AM

Chill bumps and tears of hope and happiness for you from my daughter (10) and me here in Alabama!

nicole maust says: September 08, 2011 at 08:48 AM

you're a beauty, alicia. a wonderful, generous, kind and funny beauty. i can't think of two more capable and loving people to raise a little one. i've checked a thousand times the last few days to (hopefully) hear the good news and seeing it now made me tear up with happiness for you both. cheers to november. just in time for thanksgiving...

My heart lept out of my chest when I saw an update; I hoped for baby pictures...but sounds like we'll have to wait another couple of months. So excited and hopeful for you both (three!)

In the meantime, the photos of your trip are lovely!

Amy J in PDX says: September 08, 2011 at 08:53 AM

You and Andy have been in my thoughts. What an amazing journey you're on together! Thank you for sharing it with the world. I'm wishing you every happiness and blessing that parenthood will bring you. Safe travels back home....

So, so full of hope and happiness for you and Andy, Alicia. I truly couldn't be more excited if you were my very own family (but you kinda are...) xo

I hope there will be three of you on the journey home in November.

So glad to see the update, I've been thinking of you both all week. Enjoy these moments!

I always love to look out the windows on a trip and wonder - who lives in that town, that house, whose garden or horse or car is that? Gorgeous scenery! Thinking all good things for both of you.

wow, I can only imagine what you all are going through.I don't know how the adoption process works in the U.S but I sure hope that November comes quickly.xoxo

you both deserve this alicia. she deserves you. xoxo
wishing you a safe journey both now and in november, as well as all the days in between.

It is amazing how excited and happy you can be for someone you have never actually met. I have checked in everyday and keeping you in my prayers.
I wish you all the best,

Blessings on you all. Happy anticipation. No one deserves it more than Alicia and Andy. But oh the baby, the most blessed of all to be yours.

Sitting here crying in my cubicle, getting chills. Sending love and good thoughts your way...

I only know you through your books and this place, but I have been thinking of you both... and the family you're evolving into. So happy things have been unfolding beautifully. And.... breathtaking photos! Get me to a train.

How fun! Sending you hugs and best wishes!
Beautiful images & places!

Amazing pleased for you both! And, by the way, those photos are stunning - what cell phone do you have?! They're amazing!

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