A Skinny Little Onesie

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It's ribbed, so it's all skinny. Hopefully the arms will stretch out a bit. I stretched the body a bit when blocking but the arms didn't want to cooperate, really. I think it's really cute. I knit the second sleeve backwards, oopsie. I sort of think I did the first sleeve wrong, too. Here is my Ravelry link with all of the info on the pattern and yarn. And buttons. I followed the pattern exactly, I think. The yarn is so soft and luscious. It's fingering weight so, egads, now you know what I mean by the 2x2 rib. Endless. But it massaged my frazzled brain into nice smooth waves, I do think. So it was good. I finished it too quickly, in my opinion. Knit knit knit. I did some pants (not pictured — forgot to photograph those) at the same time, alternating. (Those pants are cute, don't you think?) I only seem to be able to knit lately. Nothing else.

Well, purl. I purl, too.



Oh my, how adorable! What a lucky baby!

You and Andy must be getting so excited!

That is adorable!!! I don't knit, but I so admire things like this. A knit onesie would never have occurred to me. So cute!

Love those buttons!

That is ridiculously adorable. Love the color and the buttons! Always amazed by your talent...

Never would have occurred to me either :)
I just learned how to knit (and purl!), so this is absolutely over my head. But super sweet.

This is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen. Love, love, love.

that's just delicious.

Well, that IS the cutest thing I've ever seen. . . though it will be even cuter on sweet new baby! xo

Knit-purl-breath: repeat.
You will have so much loveliness to show for these expectant hours and days. ((hugs))

very cool and sweet! matching cap and booties, perhaps?

when my boys were infants, we ended up dressing them mostly in onesies, socks and caps, swaddled tightly in a receiving blanket. makes frequent diaper changes easy peasy.

so elated for you!


Love it! I think the arms will be perfect because babies usually have those tiny little limbs.


I've followed your blog for a few years now and I have you to thank for my newly found love of all things misty silvery cuddly grey. I am so looking forward to seeing this little onesie all filled out... thank you for allowing us, your devote readers, an opportunity to glimpse into your life. I am so happy when I see you've posted a new entry for us to read!! It really makes my day and inspires me in so many ways!

Oh dear Alicia, that onesy is dreadfully cute. How adorable will it be to see a little baby pot belly under that ribbing?

What an adorable little outfit...what cute buttons. I love it when people break out of the ordinary! I've been advocating mix and match buttons for years now especially on baby clothes! I was just about to pick up knitting needles and start knitting again till yesterday hit 105+F. EEK! Enjoy your knitting and weather. :)

SO flippin' cute! And I love the buttons with it.
I could never sit still for a whole piece in ribbing! No way. I'm over ribbing after 5 rows! But it sure makes a darling onsie. :)

Alicia, I am so bloody excited for you I could burst! xxx

Samantha Spaulding says: October 13, 2011 at 12:27 PM

so adorable!

That is so stinkin' cute, Alicia!

That is so sweet. I am loving neutral baby knits lately, I always go for bold colors, because I mainly knit for toddlers and pre-schoolers, lately a lot of orange... I guess it's on me to have another one to satisfy my neutral-baby-knits cravings.

Nesting, nesting, such a lovely quiet time, calming your busy life before baby crowds everything else out of your world for a while.

That is THE most adorable thing I have ever seen. It just looks so perfect. And tiny. And awesome.

I don't think the baby will mind if the sleeve is backwards!

As soon as you have that baby home, time will stop - for you. Your baby will grow and grow and change so much as time marches on, but you will feel the same age that you are now. That is one thing I have learned - I will be forever 29! (Except that my feet are sore when I get out of bed and I have crow's feet around my eyes!)

We are all so excited for you! Keep knitting!

Laura in Naperville, IL

Awwwhhh!! Super cute.
You can block like that - with pins?? I've been dreading the whole blocking process since I started my first sweater a week or so ago....I'm going to follow your lead.

Susie Sears Taylor says: October 13, 2011 at 12:54 PM

Motherly advice: Don't worry, the baby won't break. Sometimes they just cry. Ask, ask, ask questions. Your mom and mom-in-law are your best sources, after all, look who they raised! Never, never let guilt of any kind into your little circle, NO GUILT ONLY QUILT! You will be as perfect a mother as your little one needs you to be by being yourself....Ask, ask, ask questions. Ask ask ask for help! Don't try to be perfect. Don't feel bad about wanting others to go home. You don't have to answer the phone, dust, sweep etc. If you run out of diapers in the middle of the night use a tea towel, it won't kill the kid. And for later on remember this, babies love to take their wet/soiled diapers off and fling them at you as a suprise. They think you like that for some reason. I speak from experience on all this advise.

C-O-Z-Y!!!!!!!!! I want one :) I can only imagine how soft and cozy feeling that is going to be on her :)

My stomach has that excited feeling for you guys.

love. God bless the baby brain. the confusion is just beginning. <3

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