Russet Fields

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Beautiful weather. Time alone together. The feeling of expectation. A walk in the russet fields. Sweetest of the sweetest people. Pumpkins and pies. Making a quilt (him). Knitting (me). Woodsmoke and raindrops. Sunflowers and birdsong. The whole weekend felt like a gift. Every minute.


This russet-field beauty was at Kruger's Farm on Saturday.











"What kind of dog is that?" Why, she's a Cardigan Welsh corgi :-). My little Clover Meadow so bright.





She lags behind if I'm behind.





Everything glowed.


CM definitely looks like Things-Are-Back-As-They-Should-Be!

Fall is my favorite season here in the NW. I just love the vibrant colors. I love your sunflower photos and you've actually got one photo with a bird in midflight. Pretty cool. Enjoy your week.

Beautiful fall images! And I absolutely love that Andy quilts and does one get their husband into that type of thing??? Tips needed. :)

Such beautiful photos - and so lovely to see Clover with a big, happy 'smile'on her face!

Oh my God......what a heavenly post......thank you.... you dear lovely person!!

That's a happy dog!

Oh these wonderful weeks before you meet her and then the years of joy to come! Even in SoCa Fall has arrived, cooler nights and rusty hydrangeas is my garden.

Gorgeous photos! So beautiful and inspiring! Fall is such a wonderful time of year, my favorite season, full of rich colors and smells, truly amazing. Thank you for posting these!

That sounds so lovely! Fall is my favorite season, and you've really captured its essence.

I love the pictures, the puppy and the fact that your husband quilts...amazing!

Lovely pictures, felt almost like being there! Clover and Andy look so relaxed.

Long time lurker here...I can feel you bursting with anticipation and am so eager to hear more.
I am so excited for you.

So pretty. Seeing bella Clover is always a good thing.

Another lovely post. Beautiful words; beautiful pictures.

Toddler wouldn't nap for second day in a row. Thanks so much for the mini-vacation of lovely photos!

lovely light, lovely light on the sunflowers. happy you had a precious and inspiring time.

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns." George Eliot

Love love love the photos. I have weekend envy. It's simply wonderful that you and Andy are able to relax and enjoy the time before your precious one arrives. Can't wait to see the quilt and knitting!

Your weekend sounds so full of love and happiness!

Truly beautiful photographs!!! I love this post : )

Alicia! Your photos recently are so gorgeous they give me heartache. xox!

It won't be long now :)

Liz Peters says: October 10, 2011 at 05:58 PM

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing your weekend.

What a perfect fall day! Clover looks like she's enjoying it immensely. The sunflowers are exquisite!

WOw so beautiful! All the reasons why I love fall :)

Did you see that in photo 11 you caught a bird in flight just at the moment it folded its wings back? It looks as if it's coming right towards you. Must be one of those flap and dip sort of fliers. Cool!

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