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These days feel like such a bonus. As the baby's due date inches ever closer (less than three weeks from today), we leave the house only a little bit, somehow, staying close to the phone and our suitcases, in case she arrives early. I really thought she would be six weeks early; I'm so thrilled to have been wrong. The past three weeks have been a gift, and although the past few months have been filled with a kind of emotional intensity I've never experienced before and still can't even describe, each day of them has been so precious to us.


I look around at everything, at the things we do and the places we go and the people we are, and wonder how they and we will change. I can't wait.










Yesterday morning we decided to drive up to Multnomah Falls and have brunch at the lodge.


We talked about . . . babies. :-)



I think this will be a pretty nice place for a baby to grow up.


For those of us that are following your journey----- we too, are excited and think it's the best time of the year, and can't wait to see the little one in all the handmade items and are thinking about Clover "wringing" her paws with concern and think you two will be the BEST parents ever!!!! Carry on! P.s. Can't wait to catch a glimpse of her! Xox

An amazingly beautiful place, and home, for the dear baby to grow up! Praying for you...xoxo

I'm so excited for you Alicia.

Alicia and Andy, I am so happy for you. What a wonderful time in your lives. Best wishes.

Why, yes, I think it is! This baby is so blessed to have you both for parents. Congratulations!

And it will be even more beautiful, fascinating and fun to see it through a little one's eyes.
The photos, the words, feel like a very spiritual and primal thing.
Best wishes to all of you!

Alison Schers says: October 24, 2011 at 10:31 AM

Thank you for sharing so beautifully as you always do. Many blessings to you in these days of "waiting".

What a blessed soul to be finding her way to such a loving and ready couple.

Wow, three weeks will zoom by so quickly...
I am so happy for you both.

Nice place? Yes, with you and Andy... no place could be nicer, wherever you are. I am so happy for your family.

Ooo, not long now! I think I would be carrying that suitcase from room to room with me. You know, just in case. ;)

When we were expecting our first, all of our parent friends said, "It will change your life!" And we were all, "Well, duh!" It wasn't until a few weeks after he was born that we realized what they really meant by that. It's something that can't be communicated. It has to be lived.

So excited for you!

It will be a wonderful place to grow up. Best of luck!

Your lives will change in the most wonderful of ways.
It is hard to wait isn't it?

I'm commenting for the first time on your wonderful blog to send you my best wishes for the time to come. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your baby to be born safe and sound and a happy and joyful time for you all.
Best wishes from Germany,

your cozy home, this quintessential place full of love and tenderness, is absolutely the best place for a baby to grow up!
good vibes and the sweetest thoughts, darling!
looking forward the special news!
hug and kiss from Sylt/Germany


Wow. You have so little time to go. I miss the beautiful areas in the PNW, though there is beauty in Massachusetts too. I love your photographs. They remind me of a time long ago when I lived not too far away.

:) This post made my eyes water. Maybe I'm just emotional right now but my heart feels like it is bursting with joy for you guys!

I'm savoring these days with you, excited for what's ahead just around the corner. What joy awaits!

i am just so excited for you. cant wait!!!!

exciting times to be sure! you have built a nice life for yourselves and a cozy home. what a lucky little muff! i check each day...sometimes twice to see the news!

Ok, so I don't even know you in real life and reading this post and looking at the pictures brought such an intense happiness to me for the three of you! Take care of each other...your baby is almost here!!! :)

beth lehman says: October 24, 2011 at 11:18 AM

I know you may be feeling private - but just know that when you post - many think and pray for you and Andy, this precious baby and all that are involved.

one thing is for sure...your hearts are about to double in size. a love like you've never seen or felt before.

Wonderful thoughts continue to be sent your way! What an exciting time!

She will be the luckiest baby indeed! Storybook surroundings and you guys as parents, I'm so happy for all of you!!

been following you for a long time. I started because I was stuck in Arizona longing for my home in Portland. I was so happy the day I realized you were on the journey of adopting a baby. my God bless your growing family.

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