'Burb Days Daze

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There's an incredible storm going on outside. Rain and wind are whipping the trees in every direction. I'm inside, next to the fireplace, listening to the clock, to the mad wind, to the rain whooshing through and rapping the windows like a gravel shower. It's the strangest thing, to have these strange, quiet days, so far from our usual places, people, pets, work, and activities. Part of me is kind of enjoying it, part of me is seriously antsy. Thank goodness we're with family. When Andy's parents are at work, we don't know quite what to do with ourselves, and yet, we don't really want to do much. Yesterday we had the laziest day we've probably ever spent in our entire lives. We're car-less, far from anything we can walk or bike to, and have no wish to roam, anyway. I'd shipped all the baby stuff ahead of time, so we didn't take much with us when we left Portland — a bit of knitting, a couple of books. Yesterday afternoon we took a walk around the neighborhood here. This is a gated 55-and-older community neighborhood, very nice; we get stares and howdies when we go out. I saw a guy riding a Hoveround with a little white dog sitting at his feet on it, nice as pie. (I just asked Andy how to spell Hoveround and he cracked up.) Around three or four o'clock we were sitting in the grass by the lake and a string of cars began driving away from the clubhouse. Andy: "Bingo must have just let out!" I say I love Bingo, and wonder if they'll let me play. Andy amuses me constantly by doing spot-on impressions of his parents' cat. I made dinner for everyone — pastitsio and salad; I dragged the cooking out all day. The stove was a gas stove, and awesome (ours in Portland is electric). We wrote letters. We put fake UFOs into our iPhone photos. (There's an app.) We texted people. We watched TV. We watched Happy Feet. We played Wii. We each spent about an hour designing our Miis, changing face shapes, eyebrows, glasses, noses. An hour! hee hee :-) It might have been longer than that. My sense of time is inaccurate. I'm not totally sure what day of the week it is, either.

I have my big black camera with me but I forgot the USB cable that connects it to the computer. I spent an hour figuring out how to pop out the memory card and put it into the computer so I could get the old pictures off, which is how I found the picture of the house that I had taken and forgotten. It looks different than it did when we lived there. The new owners have made some unfortunate changes, in my opinion. I don't know what's going on with the windows, for instance. I don't understand why the window trim is brown. It should be white. They took out all of the original leaded windows and replaced them with what looks like vinyl or fiberglass. They also paved the driveway, which was always gravel with a path of dandelions and grass down the center, I think. In some ways, though, it's exactly the same. That's probably why it's confusing.

Today we're going to Menard's with Andy's dad to get rock salt for the water softener. Field trip!!!!!


If only we could bank these days, and pull out the ease and freedom later, when we need a retreat. Keep soaking it all up!

I just had a chance to read your 10/31 post...it took me back to my childhood and I, too, wishing my father was here today to see how I had "come along". My very best wishes to you both as you play your part in the waiting game...

Val in Kansas

I think waiting is one of the hardest things. Trying to have patience when your filled with momentum . . .

You know storms bring babies, don't you?

It is only since college that I have lived in any one space long enough to feel that pull and rememberance if something has changed. I love your stories. You may not have the greatest sense of time, but you have a huge sense of memory.

I usually check your lovely lovely site about once a month. Lately, it's once a day. Yes, I've joined the ranks of your Internet Aunties on Babywatch. Aside from wishing you and your family the very best wishes, I want to thank you for each and every blog post you have written. It's a great blog.

You are so funny! Word is, you can save big money at Menards! We are in Chicago, too. Cold and rainy for sure :)

Woo trip to Menard's! Make sure to go through the Christmas Wonderland :)

tick tock...feeling the love filled anxiety...xoxo

It's going to be the 5th - I can feel it in my ... well, you know what I mean! Fingers crossed it all goes really well for all of you.

Maybe the waiting is God's way of allowing you the luxury of time to think of how your life is changing. Not usually much time for that in everyday life as we rush from one thing to the next. And it gives us all the time to let you know how many are there waiting with you! Wishing you the best. . .

Luxuriate in these quiet moments, although that's advice I don't need to give you! Clicking over here three, five, ten (!) times a day, anxious for news from you as I would be from a favorite cousin. It's crazy how often I think of you and your family, friends so very far away, and the happiness you bring into my life, even without having ever met.

I have a sense of where you are staying and it really is in the middle of nowhere without a car.
Memories are wonderful. You are about to embark on a whole new chapter that will be just as wonderful.

Your SOH cracks me up! Happy waiting, we're all on the edge of our seats...

Very grim weather here in Chicago, indeed! The lake was grey and roiling, dotted with white caps, as I slowly crawled down Lake Shore Drive to Hyde Park this morning.

It sounds like a surreal experience for you two. Wishing you all the best!

P.S. Oh Menards, nothing says Midwestern values like a trip to the store where you can "save big money."

Whosyergurl says: November 03, 2011 at 11:08 AM

You can spell Pastitsio but not Hoveround? I would automatically think double r on that, btw. When in doubt, I google because it says "did you mean"...with the correct spelling." If I was real bored I would play Angry Birds or Mahjong. I love this dark, rainy weather we are having...I'm closer to you than I usually am...here in Southern Indiana.
Have fun at Menard's. Menard's AND Lowe's are our homes away from home.
Happy waiting. xo, Cheryl

You would have heard similar sounds at home in Portland last night - crazy rain and wind storm.

So does that make that dog a "Hoverhound"?

Mmmm...that stew looks delicious! I love having a gas stove. It heats up like right now...:) Your photos are beautiful.

Storms DO bring babies! Our last baby, Beth (23 yrs old already), decided she was coming into the world a little early during a storm. She was the first hospital delivery that morning on Leap Year! :)

Have a fun day out!


Slow is good. Babies like slow. The hurried days will come soon enough. Peace and contentment wishes to you from a fellow Portlander.

I know you have a name chosen already, but at this point in time I think Patience Paulson would be a winner. Best Wishes!!

Hang in there!!!! I am cracking up at this new lifestyle you've had to adopt!! ;P

The days before we had our first baby linger in my memory as some of the most special, surreal days of our marriage. It truly is a sort of timeless space.

so, so excited for you! many blessings.....

I live in Massachusetts and am on my sixth day with no power. I am so glad for my iPhone so I can still check in here every day as your story unfolds. Thinking of you and so glad you are surrounded by love in this waiting time.

Menards is a great place to wait for a baby! Exciting times!

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