Day at Brookfield Zoo

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Our childhood zoo. My first time back in twenty years! The same and different, like everything. I miss our animals so, so much.


Looks like a pretty zoo.

Erica Wells says: November 07, 2011 at 11:54 AM

Alicia, I've been reading your blog off and on for a couple of years and I have to say, your posts lately are bringing back my childhood memories too! I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, my mom in Downers Grove, my Dad in St. Charles, and still we have lots of family scattered about those western and northern areas. I live in Portland now too, and I've always enjoyed reading about your Midwest reminiscences. Good luck with the rest of your soon to be so eventful trip!

that could be the very same giraffe my daughter saw the moment it was born! she and her dad were the only ones there.
so glad you are having these wonderful days back in Chicago.

Gorgeous pics. THank you for sharing! I haven't been to the Brookfield Zoo in a few years. We should head back down there soon. I think this beautiful autumn weather we are getting is perfect to go because the animals are not so hot and they move around a bit more.

I also enjoyed your post about Downers Grove.

I love these photos, but they make me remember that I've never been (as far as I can remember) to a zoo. I'll have to see the local one come spring.

You'll be home with your babies soon! Only with a tiny addition. Alicia, I feel like I'm going crazy waiting, I can't even imagine how you guys are. Best of luck!

Love love love these pics. I just love going to the Maryland Zoo - so much fun, even when you're by yourself!!

Great pix! I would buy these as postcards if I were at the zoo giftshop. Love the big fat lion paws.

Loved the striped sock photo. Thank you for sharing your little trips around town while you are waiting!

PS: I had an Andy Moment the other day when I saw a latch-hook kit at the thrift store :-)

A male lion! My favorite animal - I would love to pet one.

I can tell by the dolphin's smile she knew you would rather be taking photos of someone else. :) Happy anticipation!

Oh, good you are having some fun while waiting! Love your pics very pretty. Looks like nice weather also. We are anxiously waiting for your news! Take care!

Oh, I love your words, "the same and different"---xox

Like Lisa G., the male lion is my favorite animal too. These photos just SEND me. :) Lions and sunshine and fall: Perfect!

Love the lion pictures and the one of the giraffe. You take some amazing pics, so nice and clear!

That lion is so gorgeous... I love to go to the zoo. Thank you for posting these!

Brookfield is my childhood zoo, too! And really I think, November is the best month to visit. Crisp and clear even if a bit chilly, but nothing a hot chocolate and a leisurely stroll around won't fix. Love. In fact, I should go this week before the holiday rush takes over!

I am getting so excited for you. Thanks for posting these pics, goodness! marvelous lion pics. Thanks for keeping us posted. And I'll just bet you lil clover is missing her people too!

May memories of this anticipatory time you spend together now be accessible to you later when the new lifestyle gets a little crazy, as babies have been known to do !~!~

I couldn’t be happier for you Andy and Alicia.

Frances from Florida says: November 07, 2011 at 01:40 PM

A sense of heaviness and waiting in these photos. Thoughts and prayers coming your way every day.

Lovely photos! Makes me want to visit the zoo! Thanks for sharing!

Susie Sears Taylor says: November 07, 2011 at 02:16 PM

Girl on the carousel, stiped socks, mary janes.....hmmmmm someone is sure close now

Closer and closer. Next time you'll be seeing the zoo through someone else's eyes. Thinking of you every day!

Your pictures of the lion are fabulous! I hope your wait is coming to an end.

Hang in there Alicia...Just remember that soon this long wait will be a distant memory. Thinking of you every day!

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