Day at Brookfield Zoo

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Our childhood zoo. My first time back in twenty years! The same and different, like everything. I miss our animals so, so much.


one of my very favorite places!

I keep checking in for any news, I can feel the anticipation. Your images are truly inspiring, finding beauty in the simple. Thinking of you and Andy. xoxoC

This has been such a trip down memory lane for me! I used to live in a suburb of Milwaukee and so grew up with Brookfield zoo. Thanks so much for the wonderful photos! You two are in my thoughts.

I have never seen picture's of a Male Lion, that look so spectacular. Really, you should be very proud. His coloring is out of this world. Thank you for sharing.

Your photos are lovely, but I am waiting anxiously for the The Photos with happy-for-you anticipation.

Dear Brookfield Zoo. I haven't been there in 40 years. My husband is going to Chicago this week on a business trip, he wants to go by the Museum of Science and Industry, my elementary class went there every year. He is also having dinner with my nephews. So many memories you are bringing up. I am planning a trip back to that area this next spring my great niece is graduating from my old high school. So strange the years that go by. Am thinking of you and Andy and all the waiting for the special event.

Love the pictures. Now, I have to plan a zoo trip. Where is that baby???? I feel as if I'm expecting. Kudos for your patience.

I love the lion. He's just so... contemplative.
I'm still praying for an 11-11-11 birthday- at 11:11 am!

You're probably trying to pass the time as casually as possible ... with your impending excitement. But we are free all day every day should you find yourself as close as the zoo again, or should you need another excuse to come up to Chicago. When I say we, I mean me and my two little guys. Jo's schedule is iffy. Love to you all. JFC

I fell in love with my husband at the Brookfield Zoo .... 42 years ago. He saw a mom pushing a stroller with a toddler. Husband-to-be said "I think you'd be a great mom." Sealed the deal ... it's a special place.

My childhood zoo too! Its been more like 30yrs since I've been there...took my 2 children many yrs ago when we where home visiting. Someday you will too!

ah, brookfield. a thermos of made-from-scratch hot cocoa, warm scarves, hats and mittens and christmas trees and lighted animals. all at christmas. i'm sure you've been there for the holiday lights. so much fun. beautiful zoo. try to get to lincoln park zoo and go to the conservatory across the park. that is, if you still have a day or two left. aurora has a fancy outlet mall, too, now. right off i-88.

Yay for the Brookfield Zoo! You captured some great images and found some hidden treasures of the zoo (the vined building is one of my favorites).

The suspense is KILLING me!!!

How great are those lions? Love him just looking right out of the computer at me. Beautiful photos. It's hard, expecting. Time takes its own path.Watching, looking, waiting. The photos look like that. Thinking of you all.

What great zoo pictures! Looks like a nice outing on a sunny day. Thinking of you and your dear Andy while you keep your vigil there.
Just like so many others, I'm with you there in spirit!

Thinking of you both xxxxxx

Awww! The merry-go-round! I have a picture of me on our zoo merry-go-round when I was 8 and one of each of my girls on the same merry-go-round when they were eight too.
You could do the same! Waiting with bated breath!

Thank you for posting every day. I am on the edge of my seat. Thinking of you and wishing you the best!

I've been a regular reader of your wonderful blog for...several years; I've lost count. But through a computer crash several months ago, I lost some of the sites I checked in on daily, this being one. I've found my way back, and am much better for it. Your posts are my regular dose of inspiration. Thanks for all you share.

Ok, when you first posted the due date, I said I hoped she arrived on my birthday, which is tomorrow, 11/9. I didn't really think she would hold out this long! Come on out, baby!!

What a lovely day! That hippo is magnificent!

jennifer camplin says: November 08, 2011 at 07:00 AM

Heart that ZOO!!

Glad you make the trip there!!

Oh you make me so homesick! Enjoy your time.

Great pics! The lions............................

Not easy to take good pics at the zoo; so many fences, nets, wires ... and then there's the plexiglas, with scratches, smears, and reflections...........

You did a wonderful job.

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