Day at Brookfield Zoo

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Our childhood zoo. My first time back in twenty years! The same and different, like everything. I miss our animals so, so much.


I hope everything is fine with you, Andy and the baby. Big hugs from a Swedish reader who have followed you for many, many years.

Keep coming back to your blog. Wishing you 3 all well!I remember the long last days of pregnancy and imagine you feel the same. Could you mail me your snail mail or post box adress? I would love to send you a present soon :)

another infrequent commenter anxiously awaiting an update ;) cheers to you both!

Love xxxxxxxx

I've been checking your blog so many times each day... hope for news. I'm a little nervous about the length of time since your trip to the zoo. I so hope your next post is a happy one.

That poor Canada goose and duck have no idea how many people have been looking at them daily hoping to NOT see them! Thinking of you all and sending xoxoxox's! :)

Thinking of you all!!! xxx

Hoping all is well!

Please, Please, Please--give us a sign---so many of us, waiting, hoping, praying--sending love and support your way--I understand your need for privacy, no matter what is happening, but-----

keep hearing the Jeopardy theme song...

Sending best wishes! Hope things have unfolded in the best possible way.

Still waiting to hear...

Every day I come by and check.. Sending love your way. Can't wait! Teresa

Are you guys ok?

I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you and your hubby.

I'm beginning to worry. I hope everything is ok!

Blessing and much love to you all. I hope that sweet little face is peeking into the clearing and safe in your arms.

sending prayers for all involved

As a huge fan of your blog, and a fellow adoptive mom myself, I just want to let you know that I think it is great that you are taking time off from your blog to throw yourself into this most excellent and indescribable time of your life :) Bless you, dear. Blessings all around <3

Oh the suspense! Thinking of you both. We wait around the world for some news and pray all is well with your new little family. You must feel truly loved - and you don't even know most of us! Loving thoughts and prayers.

How could I become so attached to people I don’t know! I have sympathized with you and your accident, appreciated all the good that horrible event has caused; learned to love Andy , admired your talents, and have wanted so much for this chapter in your life to be happy and filled with joy! I keep checking, but am willing to be patient! So much will be new and overwhelming! I am trusting that God in His goodness will be sufficient and comforting throughout this time! Oh the wonder of it all!

Susie Sears Taylor says: November 19, 2011 at 10:03 AM

OK. I promised myself if there wasn't any word about you all that I wouldn't look again for a week. I hope I can do that. This is driving me crazy. All we need is a word.....good or bad. At least we would know what to pray for.

now I think I'm a little worried-so hoping you're not posting bc you have your hands and hearts full!

My hope is that you will be taking the baby home with you. I know sometimes the birth mother changes her mind. There, I said it. I know we are all walking on egg shells. We really only love you through words. Most of us know you only through your blog and books, but we do love you. There is always hope, and we hope all is well for you and Andy.

Still thinking of you everyday and sending wishes for health and peace for all...xoxo

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