Day in Downers Grove

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On Friday we went to Downers Grove to buy some yarn so I wouldn't go cray-cray when I run out of what I brought.


Beautiful photographs, as always. Enjoy this peaceful time together. Before you know it, you will be busy as your family expands to welcome its newest member.

Stay away from the cray-cray!
I like your remedy.

Beautiful photgraphs. Hope you are relaxing and finding something wonderful to create with your yarn as you wait for your new dawn.
Carol xx

Beautiful photos! Been checking your posts daily and counting the days with you. Very warmest wishes to you all...

Just a thought... if your baby is like most, she will come just when you are deeply immersed in something challenging or super engaging. Choose a very elaborate, time consuming project for the yarn. There's a happy chance you won't find time to pick it up again for months!

Wonderful photos Alicia. Happy nesting!

Great photos! Where is this place? I want to go there!!

Love the pictures---can't wait to hear of your little one.

yep... looks like you wont go "cray-cray" now!

Looks like some yummy yarn too :)

Beautiful photos, I know what you mean about avoiding the funny farm with knitting while you wait, I may have to go out and get some when I finish my sweater!

I thought you might enjoy case you miss them too much!

Just beautiful images. These are so evocative of Autumn and all it's splendour, thank you for sharing them with us :-)

Jem xXx

Does the Downers Grove Emmett's have walleye bites? ;)

You and Andy are in my thoughts.

I love Downers Grove... beautiful picture Alicia!

I am just loving your new camera! Such beautiful pictures. Can't imagine what lovely images we will soon see...

ALL the photos are great, Alicia - but there's something about the one with the traffic.

Did you go to Knitche? Such a great store!

The lamppost is great. Such wonderful colors. My family has ties to the town of Wheaton nearby and I love to see the brick buildings (all two-storied) in your pics.

Love the moon - good to get out of the house and explore even a little! Why the basket thing under the streetlight? I am fascinated. Do they put decorations in there for holidays?

Oh these sweet last days before the joyous whirlwind!

Mmmmmm. Lovely photos, Alicia.

lovely images. I love going to the yarn shop. It's hard to exercise self-control.

I live near Downers Grove. Try Ballydoyles across the street from Knitche.

Nice to be able to stave off the cray-cray with woolly goodness - not sure it would work for me. your pics help stave off the cray-cray I feel when I get your blog update and it's pics of the lovely place you're staying!!

It sounds like you two are enjoying a cozy, peaceful pocket of time together while you're waiting. This little one is going to be so loved - you are both such beautiful souls.

How is Miss Clover doing? (forgive me if it's Mr.! my memory is naming her a girl...)

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