Day in Downers Grove

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On Friday we went to Downers Grove to buy some yarn so I wouldn't go cray-cray when I run out of what I brought.


I can't help running down my blog favorites list to check up on you! Best wishes!!

Beautiful place...beautiful photos! I can't wait to see what you are making with your yarn. Very calming colors.


The only time I have been to Downers Grove was to go to Knitche. What a nice yarn store. Baked goods, yarn and nice people. I love your photo essays - so nice.

You should go to Geneva. Lots of great shops there. In close by St. Charles there is a fabulous knitting store called Wool and Company. They've moved since I lived there, but it is one of the best knitting stores around. Surely you haven't bought enough yarn yet. ;-)

Gee, you were in my neighborhood! I took a knitting class at Knitche to make a top-down sweater. Got tangled up with all those double pointed needles doing the first sleeve and haven't gotten the courage to start again.

Keeping you all in my prayers!

Karen Dodson says: November 06, 2011 at 07:55 PM

Still no Bambina, huh? Can't wait to hear the good news!! Been thinking of you both for days!!!

The cray-cray. That is funny! I needed that today.

Hang in there.

what a strange time this must be. thinking of you...

if it's downtown, I love that yarn shop!

Love the photos! I was born and raised in Hinsdale- Golf View Hills to be exact! Now I live halfway between Seattle and Portland, in Lewis County, WA. Your photos took me back. Beautiful. Just Beautiful. Thanks! Have fingers, toes and all my split ends crossed for your Blessed Special Delivery package to arrive soon, without incident, wide-eyed and ready for the Adventure! Oooh! Big Hugs!!!

Gorgeous photos!

My husband and I are both teachers and both of our children were born in July, so we too were fortunate enough to be able to slow life down and enjoy one another for a few weeks in the midst of the waiting. Time sort of stood still, and we would see-saw between the excitement/anxiety/anticipation/worry of of what was to come. Getting out and taking it all in was the best remedy for us as well, and I promise that you will look back on this time of closeness for you and Andy as one of the most special in your lives together. You're at the bestest turning point ever. The place you will forever firmly see as before and after in your lives. Knitting is always the best medicine, and nothing soothes like some yarny goodness waiting to become that little garment that will possibly appear in one of those pictures of your little one that sits on your mantle or hangs on your wall for a long, long time.

Yesterday was "Adoption Sunday" at our church....maybe it was that all over the world, too. But, our church made a big, sweet and heart-touching deal out of it. I naturally thought of you. :-) So, I said a few more prayers for God's blessings over all the parts of your family. Thank you again for sharing your walk on this.

And that treasure pile of wool makes my mouth water! Yum!

Thinking of you, hope today is the day but the full moon is the 10th & that seems to induce labor, so that may be the day? Wish you both the very best, waiting is hard.

I think some day you will look back on these waiting days as a very sacred time...the time between "before" and "after". I have been reading a lot about life transitions lately and there is a "neutral zone" sometimes after one thing ends and before a new phase can be very uncomfortable, but it can also be very rich and your pictures suggest. Thinking of you and waiting for "news". :) xo

In case you feel like a little drive this weekend. Jan Brett will be in Naperville signing her children's books. Your crafting always reminds me of Jan Brett's artwork.


bless your heart and knitting, for saving the day again. oh the traffic photo, so wistful and lovely.

What are you making? That is a wide variety of yarn weights there!

Totally, totally, totally valid rason for a road trip. I've traversed frozen highways and storm warnings and threats of disasters (natural and otherwise...) to make sure I have enough yarn.

Though my favorite yarn store closed due to the *&!%$# economy. Sad, sad, sad.

I'm so excited for you I could burst!

Wow, love these pics. My dad grew up in Downers, and my grandparents lived there a long time(I grew up in WI,and live in Portland now too!), love everything you have to share! Hope you don't have to wait much longer :0)

Cray cray days are on their way haha - it will be so much fun for you two - lucky lil' babe she is.

What lovely photos. You certainly are in Illinois at a beautiful time of year. Please try not to go Uber cray cray while waiting for the baby! ;-)

Your photos are stunning!

Ohhh! I grew up in Lisle, the next town over. What a surprise to see DG on your blog. I've been thinking of your family during this exciting journey!

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