Our House

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My childhood home. Taken from where I sat in the park on September 7, 2011.

(Just found it on my camera!)

Thank you so so so so so much for all of your comments on the last post. Thank you so much for all of the kind things you say here every single day. Thank you. xoxo

Still waiting! :-)


gloria g. Walls says: November 02, 2011 at 06:14 PM

Beautiful home......thinking of you all.

Bless you, gloria g. in South Carolina

It has been a strange feeling for me to want something so much for two people I know only from posts on this blog. I haven't been so anxious since my sister went into labor in May. Love and light to you and Andy and to the life ahead of you!

Amen to what Gina said!!

Your home looks magical, and cozy. I just love all the tall trees in that neighborhood. When walking around in that area, I saw so many cute little animals, like bunnies and I even saw my first cardinal!
Lucy lady to have those memories!

Oh that is a beautiful home! Your post today is so, so...YOU. Humble, sweet and thankful. That is why we enjoy reading your blog. Totally agree with what Gina said. I hope that you and Andy have a sweet little baby in your arms very soon.

I don't really have any words for you. Having and raising a child is such a gift and challenge. I don't know you, but feel you and Andy will be GREAT at managing everything that is ahead of you. Happy thoughts coming your way from me.

There is not a minute I am not thinking of you all.....lots of prayers and happy soothing thoughts your way...xxxxxxxxx

Just lovely. Can't wait to meet the new family member!

you must be going nutsy. <3

I know I speak for many when I say

GAH! You are killing me here!

(but thanks for checking in)

A lovely house.
When I go home, I look at the house I moved from- four years ago. I try to picture in my mind, the rooms. I can see the screened in porch. It seems strange. I can imagine how you might feel.
And, I know what it is like to wait. My first was a week over do. She will make her appearance when she is ready.
xo, Cheryl

Thanks for sharing a photo of the home you grew up in. It's wonderful and looks about the same age as our farmhouse in Corbett. It's neat to go find the homes of your childhood. We lived in McMinnville during my youth and I've gone back and taken photos of our 3 houses there. Mom loved to move!
We're like hundreds of nervous aunties out here in blog land -- awaiting the news with you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Wishing you all the best in this new exciting adventure!

I've been clicking on your blog all day waiting for the news. As an adoptive mother, I'm living this waiting with you. Such a wonderful, surreal time. Hang on to every minute of it. She'll be here soon.

Your home looks like it could fit right in Portland too. As the rest I'm anxiously awaiting your news. Best wishes to all of you. A

Haven't seen a post from you lately which made me tell my husband that "I think Alicia and Andy had to go to Chicago for the baby --EEEEEEE :)!!!" My husband understood exactly who I was talking about without me even having to explain, that's why I married him.
We are sending all of our love, thoughts, and prayers to the two of you right now ♥

We are all waiting with you guys!

charming is the word that comes to mind!

Susie Sears Taylor says: November 02, 2011 at 07:46 PM

That house truly is a home :) Midwest homes are the best. They almost always have a comfy porch and other welcome touches to greet family and friends. My childhood home had a screened in porch across the front. I can still hear the screen doors slam on both the front and back doors, each a distinctive sound. I can still smell the wool area carpet and smell the sheers at the window. I can still hear the oil forced air furnace kick on and feel the hot air blow up around me and my full skirt I would wear to school in the early 60's. Funny how sounds and especially smells remind the memory and bring good feelings. Your home in Oregon is already full of good feelings and new memories ready to be made with the new love coming your way as we speak.

My friend, Mary Ann, is a great fan of Garret's popcorn and told me about cheddar/carmel. It sounded horrible. She brought some to a church meeting one night and one bite and I was hooked! How absolutely delicious! I couldn't believe how good it was and I ate all she brought...too little a package :( but enjoyed nonetheless.

Alicia, dear dear soul....your childhood home is beautiful. I'm so glad you shared the picture when you found it. My imagination did not see it as it is...being in a suburb of Chicago made me see it very differently....meaning I have no idea what homes look like in the suburbs of Chicago...but I can see 'sisters sharing bedrooms upstairs with a sewing machine..making things for special occasions and learning to be creative'...You all had a lovely start in life....and now you and Andy are going to provide the same loving and lovely start in life.....maybe one day a young woman will sit across the road from your home...looking at it and remembering the wonderful life she had with her Mom and Dad....Alicia and Andy Paulson. Savor every moment..and try to get some sleep....smile!

I hope everyone gets a bit of rest. It's like I tell my children if you nap the time will go faster. When that little bundle comes you will need all your energy.
This is so exciting. Thank you for continuing to share.

Ah... what a picture: you and your family in a lovely home, growing up. I think it is moving that you are there and can reflect on where you began, as you and Andy begin a family of your own. There is a song there.

Rebecca Malley says: November 02, 2011 at 08:07 PM

Alicia - I've been lurking on your sight for quite a while....I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and really enjoy your photos, your art and your stories of life. I now live in Oak Park, IL on Home Avenue and I have an adopted daughter who is five. It's always entertaining to see how small the world really is.....

All the best in the world to you and our family during this amazing time!!!

I'm going to add my excitement, positive thoughts, love, and holy cow!!, too. Trying not to do the Snoopy dance quite yet, but we'll call it practice until the moment. :)

It's past 11 P.M., and here I find myself checking in to see if she's here yet--Hope she gets here soon so we can all get some rest!!! :-) Hugs to you and Andy--don't know how you can survive such a wait.

Thanks for checking in with us again!

The style and era of your childhood home looks familiar - my parents both grew up in Oak Park, one on Home Ave, one on Clinton Ave. We spent a lot of time visiting the grandparents there.

Prayers and good karma going out to you two wonderful people!

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