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Oooh, fantastic shots!

hang in there you two beautiful people. xo

Beautiful but not half as beautiful as the love that will soon be rising in your lives when you meet your daughter.
Carol xx

It's the glow of new motherhood shining down from the sky. :)

Whosyergurl says: November 04, 2011 at 07:08 AM

I can't imagine the anticipation you must feel. These photos convey a sense of peace. I hope you are feeling peaceful. Thinking of you as you await the arrival of your daughter!
xo, Cheryl

Quite stupendous! In fact awesome photos of what looks like an awesome sunset, in the most literal sense of the word :D

Alicia, enjoy these moments of quiet. Soon enough your life is going to be a lovely whirlwind!

Today is my birthday, maybe today for your little one, too!

I love that no matter where you are, the photographs you take have a signature *Cozyness* that is uniquely your own. How you see the world, and what you share with us... it keeps me coming back for more.
Good morning.

Those are gorgeous photos. Waiting must be so hard!

Sending you love in these waiting days. ..

I think a lot to you these days, wishing you a very quiet and peacefully waiting time... until the blessing day :)

so beautiful, alicia. warm thoughts from us to you + yours. xoxo

Hang in there you guys! My little one decided to be 8 days late... we just kept telling ourselves that she has to come out eventually! This also works when she won't sleep... (she'll fall asleep eventually). :)

michele (maryland) says: November 04, 2011 at 08:25 AM

The waiting must be so hard. Hang in there!

Waiting with you...

I'm so excited and anxious for you! You're doing the exact right thing, being lazy enjoying sunsets. Once that little one arrives it will be hard to focus on anything else.

Closer and closer. You're melting into the sun of a new day and a new life.

I love seeing life through your lens . . . so lovely!

Gorgeous... this is my favorite month for light.

Sunsets always make me think and count my blessings. Your photos are beautiful! Hanging in there with you!

There is almost nothing like a beautiful sunset!

♥ ooodles of love coming your way ♥

Maybe today is THE day.....

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