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So stunning! We had a gorgeous sunrise on the way to school this morning, all glistening and gold. Then as we were pulling in, a rainbow that ended right where my son was headed for an extra help session before a big "parts of speech" test he had today. That and two performances of the play he's in. I told him the rainbow meant he'd do really well in both.

Today is my birthday. Am hoping it's the day for you new family member as well.

Not long now. Keep faith. x

...pacing a little for you ;-)

simply gorgeous...

Awww... waiting must be so hard.. another sun sets.. but it's getting closer! To help you pass the time.. come on over and visit my blog, I've put up some photos of my trade bead collection. :-)
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

I love sunset-hitting-the-window-and-"other things"-photos! Beautiful.

You and Andy are such gracious 'waiters'. My thoughts are with you during this time of waiting. Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey with all of us.

Praying for peace and serenity for you and Andy as you wait in joyful anticipation.

We are pacing there, right with you in spirit! Come on Baby have a big world waiting to welcome you and two terrific parents!

Diane taylor says: November 04, 2011 at 04:52 PM

Peaceful, quiet, glowing .... Hmm sounds like a new beginning is coming. All my best and hang in there!

I especially like the gold light on those warm (and it's so very cold here in SEattle today - the bite came back in the air, I guess that's part of the attraction).

I thought of you guys today and your wait for your baby girl. I almost told the people I was with, "This blogger I don't know but feel like I know is about to become a mother," but that seemed a little wordy. :-) You're going to make such great parents!

You have a truly fabulous camera! Not to mention your own artist's eye, but everybody already knows that. :)

sending hugs and lots of love while you wait. maybe it will be with the sunrise...

so excited for you guys!

Anxious with you! Many blessings.

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Love, love, love! Xxx

I love, love, LURVE that first photo of the sun highlighting the curtains. Fantastic shot, Alicia.
I'm excited and so happy for you about the event about to take place in your life. You are very generous to share this beautiful story.
You have such a big heart.

You are almost there! YOu have both waited for so long creating by hand memories and textures for your beautiful little girls life. What a lucky baby to have two such creative angels planning for her life. Blessings to you all.

you are both unbelievably patient, sending you love once again. <3

Prayers for you while you wait. Love, Rebecca

I live in a suburb just outside of Chicago. I hope you can feel all of the good vibes and well wishes I am sending your way! What a lucky baby girl!!

Beautiful Alicia and we are all thinking of you :) Sending love from Munich! xo

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