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Making oatmeal. Watching movies. Cutting strips for a quilt. Looking at my photos from four trips across the country. Talking to my friends, and not talking so much. Getting back to work. I put all of the ornament kits back in my web shop, though they're almost sold out. Collecting wintry essential oils. Clove bud, sweet orange, cedarwood, rosemary. Reading Middlemarch. Working on my fire-building skills. I think I am getting better at keeping the fire going nicely. Filling bird feeders. And one for the squirrels. Quiet, silver days.


sounds to me like you are doing all the right things...sending love xo

I get your posts via my RSS feed, but forget how pretty your actual site is. I need to get on to the snowflake making so I can hang some in the windows like you have! So wintry and perfect. Now to get a fireplace...

May the warmth of friendship (both real and cyber) be felt throughout these cold months... you have love all around you, even from people you've never met.

You always capture light... no matter the season. These glimpses are a tonic for me. Thank you.

Keep warm, Alicia. So glad you have friends near and far to walk with you through this. Hugs.

Still thinking of you....sending you much warmth and love.

Too bad you aren't an inn keeper. Your home always looks so cozy and inviting.

My Scandinavian bones (and mind) thrive now in these dull and cold days. I am so at home as winter draws ever nearer.

Oh Alicia, I don't know you, but I must tell you that I love you. Your posts and essays reveal such a pure, honest and positive essence. You are the best.

Your decorations are beautiful. I think they express what is in your heart. They are honest. They remind me of the winter sky and lanscape, moody but crystal clear. The sparkle and splendor of each graceful line show there is beauty found in every season and represents hope for better days to come.
I am still praying that God show you His peace, that you feel His loving arms wrapped around you, that He becomes more real to you than ever before.
"...Weeping may endure for the night but joy cometh in the morning. " Psalm 30:5b

Julie G. in Iowa says: November 29, 2011 at 08:51 AM

Love, love, LOVE all the snowflakes! :D

My how I love looking at pictures of your home - it's just breathtakingly beautiful! I know you have been thanking us for our kind comments lately but really this whole time I've been thanking you. You and Andy have so much to share and give - I feel so special to be a part of this wonderful community you guys created.

A side note - What do you use the oils for?

I agree with Christine. Your home is soooo inviting.

Thinking of you from NJ

michele (maryland) says: November 29, 2011 at 09:04 AM

Oh, Alicia, welcome back! Please share where all the snowflakes came from. Thank you.

Love the snowflakes in the window!
I think we need some essential oils also - fragrance sets the mood so well.

I'm glad to see you moving's been difficult reading your experience, you see, I was an adopted baby girl once many years ago. So many things to become a parent to an adopted child - as I've followed your blog, your journey, I hope that you'll let blessings come to you, perhaps there's a baby boy who belongs to you,
The to keep moving forward and let life come. You and Andy appear to be loving people, I do hope there will be a very special baby for your entire family soon.

I'm gratified to see I'm not the only one obsessed with Snowflakes. :) I also collect glass icicles.

You are such an inspiration, in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Love all the decorations, too. Somehow, holiday decorations always cheer me up. LOVE the sweater hanging on the wall. Is that one you made?

I love your photos and the lovely tonal greys you are using.

It sounds like you are a bit more settled and I hope things continue to feel a bit better for you both. Tiny steps. Sending best wishes from the UK.

Loving all the snowflakes! I'm snowflakes obsessed too. I also love that sweet delicate plant you have. I see it often on your posts and have always wondered the name of the plant :)

Love,Love,Love your snowflakes and table and O you've done it again! The green eyed monster has got me, I'm soo jealous. I miss the snow village, it always looked so real. I'm just trying to put up a few things that the Grandchildren can't get to. Your home always looks so cozy and comfy and just you! I know that soon your patience and love will be rewarded with that special little bundle. God can not deny the love that you and Andy have to share with a child. Thinking of you in this Holiday Season and wishing you all the best in your quest.

You have fire building skills? Because I am in the mood for a bonfire.

xo and hoping things are getting better...

I love feeding the birds - isn't there something so mesmerizing about staring out the window at them on the feeder? Playing in the back yard when I was younger, I used to catch my dad standing blank faced through the window with his hands in his pockets, and I would wonder, "What's wrong with him?" Now I do the same thing! But darn, those squirrels - I have had one all morning emptying out my squirrel proof feeder. Whaddya do?!
You are gonna make it,girl! You're doing all the right things - hang in there!

Laura in Naperville, IL

Your photographs started that Joni Mitchell song River in my head, "it's coming on Christmas..."

I hope your and Andy's days are blessed with peace.

You inspire even in this hard time. Thinking of our own situation that our original path was not to be. Now that we have gone down the unexpected path we see that God had beautiful plans waiting for us. It was very difficult at times but now that we have finalized our adoption of our twins through foster-adopt, we are happy our first plan did not work out. We were meant to play a role in our original plans but ultimately not the main role. God be with you on your journey.

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