Curried Lentil

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I realize that the barf-looking-soup factor here is high, but if you let that stop you from making it you'll be sad. This was possibly the best soup I've ever had in my life. Andy asked me if I would make it again today. I used good curry powder and homemade chicken stock. Seasoned well with fancy salt and fresh pepper. Delight. I'm really starting to like this winter, I think. Normally if it doesn't snow all I do is pout.

I have a new bestie. My new BeeFF. She's skampering along after me everywhere I go lately. So sweet.


looks more like "stoup" :)
thanks for sharing...we are in the middle of a deep freeze (-21) (really cold in Muskoka), but the branches are covered with fluffy clumps. one of my favourite things. i will post a photo on my blog soon. a very pretty day here.

That soup looks amazing. And it's finally cold here in Boston today. Perfect soup-eating weather.

And my Big Kitty won't leave me alone the past few days. Always by my side. Very sweet.

Such a sweet kitty! :-)
Well, some of the yummiest food I've ever ate looked a bit like barf. Very weird, haha! :-)

I must say that Lentils would be a "must" when I get stranded on a desert island. I love Lentils and I make you recipe. Curry is a perfect accompaniment to Lentils!

Happy and Peaceful New Year.

You take the most wonderful photographs and your blog is beautiful, always a feast for the eyes. You have a gift for writing too. Happy Christmas! (from ABitOfALurker!)

It sounds delicious! I've just discovered how easy it is to make homemade chicken broth and have jars of it in the freezer! So any soup recipes right now are like gold! Thanks!!

The soup looks great :) It probably helps that we've been eating lentil curry (from a packet) a lot recently. We'll have to give this a try. Congrats on your new kitty. She's beautiful.

Julie G. in Iowa says: December 29, 2011 at 09:47 AM

Where did you get your beautiful wooden butter dish/knife? I saw it in your previous post and am now insanely jealous and need/want one of my very own! :)

Y FELIZ AÑO!!!!!!!

Now I am suspicious of my curry... so, please, which is the "good" curry? Every picture is of warmth... I find myself leaning in toward the screen... *giggle.*

Bee knows you need a little extra TLC! Cats are funny that way.


The animals always know when you need a little extra love don't they? Thank goodness for them.

Yum! Thanks for the recipe recommendation -- I love lentils. Have you tried Joy the Baker's spicy lentil soup made with fancy French lentils yet?

Delicious! P.S. I think cats just *know* when you've had a tough time and could use some extra unconditional love. My sweet Capricha cat was positively glued to my side as I recovered from foot surgery last month.

Your pictures always convey such a feeling of warmth, peace and serenity..Thank you for creating an oasis in this crazy Internet world.
P.s. The recipe is bookmarked and ready to go. I just love, love, love, lentils and curry :) Thank you for sharing.

Soups looks awesome...and your BeeFF is beautiful!

Great pictures... especially the last one is awesome!!!

Your little cat loves you and missed you. She never knew you could go away. Now you are back, and she wants to know where you are. She also wants you to know that she loves you.

awww what a sweet kitty... so attentive...

Well, I was going to make it anyway but now it's definitely tonight! I really want that bread, too. Dang Raleigh for having such meager bread resources....

You have what I call a velcro kitty. I love it when mine get like that, especially in the winter.

Cats know...

I doesn't look appealing - but It made me click on recipe and it is one my family could eat. so thanks I've tucked it away for winter - we have summer here in New Zealand.
cat are good company aye.

love Leanne

I come here for warm, comforts and you never disappoint. Love every one of your gorgeous photos and the feeling of being tucked away in a safe house with lots of love just resonates (for me).

Cute cat...and as for the soup, I'd have it for sure. Might not look nice, but in theory sounds lovely ;)

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