Curried Lentil

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I realize that the barf-looking-soup factor here is high, but if you let that stop you from making it you'll be sad. This was possibly the best soup I've ever had in my life. Andy asked me if I would make it again today. I used good curry powder and homemade chicken stock. Seasoned well with fancy salt and fresh pepper. Delight. I'm really starting to like this winter, I think. Normally if it doesn't snow all I do is pout.

I have a new bestie. My new BeeFF. She's skampering along after me everywhere I go lately. So sweet.


sounds delicious & looks pretty good, too! wishing you a very happy new year!

I would love to know what kind of curry you use. I keep trying different ones and don't like any of them, but I love, love, love curry in restaurants. The light in your photo of your kitty is just lovely, thanks.

This soup seams so tasty, I have had just printed the recipe. I will try it quickly. I wish you a warm and a happy new year !

Can't wait to make that soup! Thanks for sharing. What a nice looking kitters:)

Oh.. fuzzy calico sweetness. Somehow the lentil thing never clicked with me. But I'm sure it's good! Winter is happening here too.. one of our big walnut trees blew over right across the road here a few nights ago. I asked hubby to keep one big piece of it for me and carve a wooden spoon for me. I'd love a bowl made of it too. It was the best producer of walnuts of the two. 100 year old trees.
Enjoy your day and have a fabooo New Year!

Nothing like having your "best guy" and your "best 4 legged friend" around to keep; you happy! Sorry it's wet... we don't have snow yet here either! Unusual... but not too terrible, at least Oregon family got to come visit... they left today..... heavy sigh!!!!!

I was cat-sitting once for a very reclusive, not cuddly cat (who I non-the-less loved). I received a sad email while I was there and was sitting there looking out the window feeling low, when the cat appeared out of nowhere, jumped up on the table in front of me and... licked my lip! It was a kittycat kiss and I was never so surprised and touched. I had made no sound - I have no idea how he knew I needed that, but somehow he did. Perhaps the Bee is feeling the same instincts now :)

Thanks for posting this! I had it for dinner tonight with some biscuits--perfect!

First, your soup looks so good, I'm going to risk my kids ire and make it! (They aren't fans of lentils.) Second, it looks so much better than the lentil soup of my childhood, that my sisters and I affectionately referred to as 'poop soup.' Thanks for sharing!

Kitties are the best. I have one curled up right now between my knees. Re: the soup, my friend and I used to eat at this health food place we called: Looks Horrible, Tastes Great. They were famous for not-so-cute soups. Thanks for sharing, as always...your honesty cracks me up. I'll never forget your post about this dress you made. Can't remember exactly now, but I know I cried I was laughing so hard reading it.

Going to make this soup tomorrow. Hope the kids like it or it's cereal for them!

Karen Dodson says: January 01, 2012 at 05:04 PM

That bread looks AMAZING!!!

We had to put our dog to sleep this week and my (usually) nonchalant cat has been all over me. I know what it's like to have a new BF.

I've been looking for a good lentil soup recipe forever! I can't wait to give it a try. Maybe tonight! :)

OK, I made that soup the other night and oh my goodness, it was AWESOME! You were so right. The only regret I had was that I didn't double the recipe. Hubby and I ate it the first night, then we took leftovers for work the next day - and that's all there was. Next time I made it, I'm doubling the recipe! :-) The depth of flavors in this soup were amazing.

You reminded me of some Pimento soup a friend made me once. I thought...good grief why on earth did she choose this to serve me...then I tasted it! believe you about this.
And agree...snow is best, bring it on!

Alicia, I don't think I've ever commented about this, but I hope you know your posts have always been a happy and purpose-filled restful place for me to visit. (I've been reading your blog since at least February 2006, possibly earlier)

Thank you for writing about your days and thoughts, of all kinds. I love to stop in and visit.

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