Curried Lentil

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I realize that the barf-looking-soup factor here is high, but if you let that stop you from making it you'll be sad. This was possibly the best soup I've ever had in my life. Andy asked me if I would make it again today. I used good curry powder and homemade chicken stock. Seasoned well with fancy salt and fresh pepper. Delight. I'm really starting to like this winter, I think. Normally if it doesn't snow all I do is pout.

I have a new bestie. My new BeeFF. She's skampering along after me everywhere I go lately. So sweet.


The best thing about Winter Food is soup!! Your lentil soup looks delicious - I hadn't thought about a dollop of sour cream - and it helps the BLS factor to certain younger members of the crew! BeeFF looks so sweet - although in her head she thinks she's being nonchalant?

April Moore Skelton says: December 29, 2011 at 11:38 AM

OK, I think you've convinced me. I AM in a pout. No snow on our high mountain getaway, and even worse back home--it's 56 degrees and we've got the back door open. I can't knit anything or enjoy soup or make a fire in this weather! What a crock. Maybe this will appease me.

Kitty profiles are the cutest, cutest EVER!!!

Funny how some cats just suddenly decide they're your BFF and can't get enough of hanging out with you.

glad to hear the bee is friending you.

Never heard of Curried Lentil, I don't recall any of my family in Tennessee making this soup, looks good to me, I would definitely give it a try. These pics give off a very warm and cozy atmosphere. The cat makes it even cozier. I started making your ornaments this week, a little late for this Christmas but definitely for next. Love them, they almost come alive. :)

So funny ... I'm eating curried lentil soup while I catch up with my Reader!

It is the best yummiest wintery thing. I utterly agree.

The timing for sharing this recipe is perfect. I was just thinking a bowl of lentil soup would taste so good this weekend but hadn't begun to look through recipes. This sounds great and I haven't had a curried flavor dish in ages. Ms. Bee is such a little mystery :) Really sweet pic of her! Your photos make your home look so inviting and cozy...serious eye candy for the heart!

Nellie in NZ says: December 29, 2011 at 01:03 PM

When we are really fancy, we have curried lentils over rice and then add chopped apples, bananas, spring onions, coconut, raisins...whatever and also some good plain yogurt. Bliss. Great winter food (I'm in NZ, though, so summer here and not making it now!).

Lentil soup has been a cold weather and camping favorite for many years! Now when I look at lentil soup, I will think of vomit! Thanks!!

I was enjoying your photos, thinking how simple and lovely they looked, how wouldn't it be nice to live in a house where things looked like that. And then I read "barb factor" and laughed aloud. It was a common denominator between your life and mine. Thanks for the connection!

oops, barf factor not barb.

I'm cukoo over a lentil-smoked paprika concoction that I found in Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. And I put in lots and lots of chunky veggies -- carrots, celery, onions -- and use good homemade chicken stock. Your curry soup sounds just as lovely. Will have to do.

And maybe some homemade naan to accompany. Oh, I'm making myself cukoo again!

Nice kitty :)

I wasn't looking at the soup, I was admiring the bowl - thanks for another view of it!

Your pictures are truly beautiful! I am allergic to cats but I want to pet that one. We had one for 10 years named Midnight. Loved watching that cat prance around the house.
I loved your pictures of the trees. Enjoy your winter it is 64 degrees here in Texas.

a propos of yesterday's post...arthur rackham is probably my most favourite illustrator. i worked at borders (*sniff*) and looked for every book illustrated by him. my granddog is part australian sheep herder. he knows g'ma is good for treats. this is most assuredly soup weather. i have several soup cookbooks next to my chair. onion soup first, then barley. yours looks so good with the dollop of sour cream. i believe you make a lot of us run for paper and pen to make resolutions..."make the house look like alicia and andy's". happy new year, dear.

We have a "winter" cat, too! From the first cold Fall day through winter she is sweet and snuggly and sleeps in the house. As soon as it is warm enough, she's no longer interested in people, sleeps outdoors, and dead bodies of field mice and birds gifted to us are all the assurance we have of her continued love, lol. I wish there was a way to convince her that we prefer watching the birds alive!

Bee has the cutest face and a sweet little smile.

Your lentil soup looks good. I'll try it sometime. I made your root vegetable soup a while back. It was great. Unfortunately, I did not cover it during simmering and it went into volcano mode. I was cleaning soup off the range hood, walls, cupboards, fridge, floors, etc. You get the picture.

Delcia Rosenow says: December 29, 2011 at 10:12 PM

Your blog has such wonderful pictures and is so cozy--its name is very appropriate. I just love lentil soup and this sounds delish! My husband calls it something else--poop soup--but I ignore that and enjoy it anyway. He would agree with your "barf" description. (We're just north of you in Puyallup, WA.)

I love lentil!
What's Beastie's name?

Thank you. I needed that.

I love, love, love all of your photos. Every time, every last one. And I adore lentil soup. 'Nuf said.

Everything around you, i.e. your home, the things you make, cook, etc. is beautiful. You remind me of Goldberry from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. I've been a lurker here for years. This is only the second time I've commented. Silly me. Stopping by your blog in the morning is always a pleasure. Blessings to you and yours for the happiest of new years.

I think the same "barf-factor" was what kept my kids and husband from eating/enjoying split pea soup. I may have to make it for myself. I love soup and fresh bread!

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