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For my neighbors and friends, chocolate sugar cookies. I added one teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper, and an extra 1/2 teaspoon of salt to this recipe. Baked for only 6 minutes (instead of 10-12, but I have a convection oven, so things go faster). Really good.

Yesterday conversation:

Me: "I'm going to get your Christmas present tomorrow!"
Him: "Oh!!! Are you going to the guitar store?!?"
Me: "Er . . . no . . . "
Him [sad]: "Oh . . . "

Thank you for all the nice words about the quilt these past weeks. I really enjoyed making it, and it's been perfect for snuggling under while watching my new favorite show, Coast Guard Alaska. I was getting grief about  watching Ice Road Truckers so I switched to something more refined.


Susie Sears Taylor says: December 14, 2011 at 08:47 AM

We watch storage wars and I love the hoarder show. Makes me feel better about my sewing room.

Great looking cookies!!!!! Yum!!!!!

Chocolate sugar cookies! I've been living under a rock, it seems. Your cookie cutters made my day.

Those cookies are gorgeous (and look delicious)! I've never heard of Coast Guard Alaska, but am now intrigued. While recovering from foot surgery I got hooked on True Blood, which is supremely, embarrassingly trashy.

Hi neighbor! lol
PS A girl can try can't she...

We call gifts that we're worried about giving (not that you're worried!) "Elephant Tables" after a wicker end table shaped like an elephant that my dad got my mom one Christmas. I'm giving two Elephant Table gifts this year. Hmmmm

I so needed this recipe for teacher cookies! I have all these ingredients and I love the white on the brown. Lovely as usual~~~~ Merry Christmas.

Cayenne pepper in chocolate cookies - what a good idea. Your neighbors are lucky.

Your photography is seriously beautiful lately. The perfect winter happy place for my eyes :)

Lucky neighbors--those cookies look delicious!! Oh, and my girlfriend text me at 11:30 pm Sunday night to let me know that Bomb Patrol was on. :) xoxo

Chocolate and spices... as nature intended. Good choices.
Your cookies look pretty... (feel as though I am stating the obvious, but it bears stating.)
And Alicia... one more thing: thank you! I light up when I see you have posted, and finding what you've shared gives my day an inspiring light and warmth.

Ice road truckers freaks me out so much! I can't watch it because I get too wound up! Love the cookies!

There's no shame in Ice Road Truckers.....besides I've probably got you beat....I watched an entire season of Gold Rush Alaska in less than 2 days.

Cookies look wonderful!

Sugar cookies just got better! You make such lovely things and photograph them so well. Blessings to you and your husband....and the dog and cat ;)

Pretty cookies there. Love baking Christmas cookies.

ok...."neighbor" can mean cross country right???!!!
oh and i have 3 guys here who will love you if you watch ice road, ax men, american loggers, shrimpers, fishers, shooters, swamp thingys........whatever.

Chocolate Sugar Cookies? Sold!

Did you ever watch the show when some of the ice road truckers went to India to drive on their most dangerous roads? I peed my pants for them. SO INTENSE!

Happy Christmas!

Love the cookies and how you decorated them!

Beautiful pictures, calm and christmassy. Make some cookies for yourself too, you deserve them.

Ahaaaa ha ha ha! Thanks for the generous chuckle at the distinction between Ice Road Truckers & Coast Guard Alaska. You are so dead on; Coast Guard Alaska is haute culture by comparison to the truckers.

Would you mind sharing where you got your cookie cutters? They are unique and darling!

I love Storage Wars That's all I am willing to admit to.

Your cookies are - like everything else in your house - so pretty! Seriously, you need your own magazine. Shove over, Martha.

Augh! These look delicious! You're inspiring me to pick up my camera more often..and my sewing machine...and warm up my oven.

Your quilts are now inspiring me to think about making my own (I said I would never make a quilt then I made the farm house quilt out of your book). Yours look so nice and I can't find affordable bedding that I like at all.

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