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We have two impossibly gigantic, Rackhamesque oak trees across the street from our house. Now denuded of leaves, their branches almost look like huge black feathers waving in the wind, especially this wind; it's been storming for two days. A week or so ago I had a dream that a tree fell from across the street into our yard (naturally, it was a different tree — that is, based on the place from where it fell it should have been one of the oaks, but because it was a dreamtree it wasn't anything like the oaks). I'm certain the dreamtree was much smaller than the real trees. It just missed the corner of the house. I believe that if one of the oaks falls, it will land on our roof.

Our luminous niece/goddaughter came to spend the night. We fed her pizza and waffles 'cause we're cool like that, or rather, she fed them to us. She made homemade pizza for dinner from scratch, proofed the yeast and made the dough and rolled it out and topped it off. I sat on a chair in the kitchen and talked her through it and it was so much fun. We watched Shirley Temple in Heidi and I knit and we talked about Lapponian reindeer-herding dogs (since she asked me what my second-favorite breed of dog is), and looked at pictures of them. I was worried the power might go out last night because of the wind, so I brought her a candle to keep near the bed just in case she needed to get up. It's hard to believe she is thirteen years old already.

I'm making curried lentil soup tonight, and we bought good semolina bread from one of my favorite bakeries. I'm working on a new cross-stitch sampler that I am redonkulously excited about. I realize that would sound like an oxymoron coming from the vast majority of people on earth.


Your photo of bacon made me equal parts cozy and starving in one fell swoop!

Love the first pix of the trees, they look like diamonds! Your table is so inviting and charming. My oldest daughter was here for Christmas from Portland but alas, did not bring the rain with her. Her son is my oldest grandson and he is 13. He can cook a bit but eating is his claim to fame, the bottomless pit. They left on Tuesday and I miss him fiercely. Happy New Year!

Such beautiful photos... what camera do you use? Though I am sure those photos are a result of your skill not the camera :)

I can tell that you've been hanging out with a thirteen year old because you used the word, "redonkulous." :) My 12 year old daughter uses that word regularly!

Happy New Year!

Laura in Naperville, IL

Sounds lovely and cozy.

Your home looks so darn cozy in this yucky weather. Your photos are amazing. :-)

Your little place online is one of the most warm and beautiful spaces. Checkered tablecloth, bacon, candles, trees with branches like feathers. Thanks again for giving us a peek into your days.

for the reader who said the china might be out of stock, don't forget to try (or something like that). They have everything in china, silver, etc etc going back years!!!! you just need to know the name of the pattern & you can buy individual pieces or whole settings. Also looking forward to the next cross stitch offering!

Hi there. I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now, consumed by your writing, green with envy at your sewing/knitting talent and was there with hundreds of others silently praying for you during those painful days, not wishing to say anything that may have come across in anyway trite. Am hopeful as, with all things, that there are reasons we don't yet see, as to the bigger plan.

Anyway this morning, I just wanted to say, you take the most beautiful photographs and though I should be working in the garden right about now, I am hooked enough to have to pop in and see what you've been up to!

And now I'm wondering just why you have onions on the window ledge?! :-)

Well, wishing you and yours all the very best for 2012 from the other side of the pond.

I discovered Baker & Spice yesterday because of this blog post. Thank you! Yum!

Karen Dodson says: January 01, 2012 at 05:06 PM

Arden is one seriously cool kid. You're so lucky to have her.

Redonkulous is officially my new favorite word!!!

It all sounds so lovely and calm!
And your pictures are always so beautiful, I think they are perfect!


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