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We have two impossibly gigantic, Rackhamesque oak trees across the street from our house. Now denuded of leaves, their branches almost look like huge black feathers waving in the wind, especially this wind; it's been storming for two days. A week or so ago I had a dream that a tree fell from across the street into our yard (naturally, it was a different tree — that is, based on the place from where it fell it should have been one of the oaks, but because it was a dreamtree it wasn't anything like the oaks). I'm certain the dreamtree was much smaller than the real trees. It just missed the corner of the house. I believe that if one of the oaks falls, it will land on our roof.

Our luminous niece/goddaughter came to spend the night. We fed her pizza and waffles 'cause we're cool like that, or rather, she fed them to us. She made homemade pizza for dinner from scratch, proofed the yeast and made the dough and rolled it out and topped it off. I sat on a chair in the kitchen and talked her through it and it was so much fun. We watched Shirley Temple in Heidi and I knit and we talked about Lapponian reindeer-herding dogs (since she asked me what my second-favorite breed of dog is), and looked at pictures of them. I was worried the power might go out last night because of the wind, so I brought her a candle to keep near the bed just in case she needed to get up. It's hard to believe she is thirteen years old already.

I'm making curried lentil soup tonight, and we bought good semolina bread from one of my favorite bakeries. I'm working on a new cross-stitch sampler that I am redonkulously excited about. I realize that would sound like an oxymoron coming from the vast majority of people on earth.


Gracious. You.
Such a good blog.

I so adore your photos. You absolutley inspire me to recognize what is beautiful and good and calm in this life. Thank you.

And I'm also super excited to see the new sampler you're working on, as all your work is so divine!

Love your site, Thank you for sharing!

It seems hard to believe she's 13 now. Time has just flown by. Sounds like a lovely time.xo

I will let you teach me how to make the perfect pizza. It's always fun to cook when you are visiting with someone.

I love reading your posts! Happy New Year!!!!

How I love these little peeks into your days! Also, I think we can all agree that being redonkulously excited about a cross-stitch sampler is totally a thing. Amongst a small group of people. Which is us. :)

I'm excited about the very idea of a cross stitch sampler, so planning one must be one up on that - redonkulously excited, yes indeed! Perfect word for it!
My cousin's fifteen year old daughter asked for cross stitching supplies for christmas, and boy did that make me happy! She got fabric, floss and patterns enough from my stash to set up shop on her own ;-) It's so great when they share your interests, isn't it?

Lovely photos. The first one especially is glistening with winter.

I do so enjoy coming here!

Oh! I Love cozy winters :) After visiting your blog, am even more in love with winters lovely pics :)

Followed the blog, hope you don’t mind. And who knows, maybe you’ll visit me someday too.

I don't want to wish an Aussie summer away but you make winter sound so appealing.

Pass the bacon dear. ;)-

Beautifully evocative photos as always and I just love the shawl
Pattern. I had some beautiful yarn for Christmas that might just suit it perfectly!!!

Happy new year to you, I am sending lots of thoughts your way for a really great one. Thanks for all that you've shared this year - you're an inspiration. Xxxxxx

We´ve had stormy weather here in Sweden too, a bit scary at times. I love the pics, looks so cozy! :-)

I have probably said this a million times before, but that's because it's true: looking at your pictures and reading your posts totally lowers my blood pressure! Thank you! And thank you also for leaning over that candle to get such a beautiful shot (#2) which you then shared with us! You've added beauty to my day (again), Alicia!

Oh wow! Will you make a kit of your new sampler? :)

You have a metal pitcher in your pictures that is the spitting image of one my husband inherited from his grandparents - ours was a prize "trophy" given to my husband's family for having the highest fat % in the milk produced by their guernsey cows in 1941.

Is there a story behind yours? This is the first time I've seen anyone else have one of these pitchers....

Your blog is so beautiful, your stories so rich and your home seems timeless as if I couldn't tell if it was 2011 or a hundred years ago. Just had the best time reading and sharing. Thanks.

Well, there is probably no need to worry about the trees. On the other hand, you can go see for yourself if those oak trees are weak to confirm if they pose any danger. A falling tree can do a lot of damage, especially if it hits the walls or roof.

That's why I never let trees grow big near or in our house - we always have strong winds here, which are very much capable of toppling down a grown tree. With the weather nowadays, it's hard to fix roofs, especially with snow forming a sheet over everything outside.

I so enjoy your glowing photos! Such lovely postings!

Since I don't get to hang around with you, I will make the same soup as you! It sounds so yummy! Thanks, too, for the link to that most romantic scarf. I'm not sure that romantic can be attributed to the workaday peasant woman pictured, but it just sent me into a morning swoon!

I like the look of that shawl, I wonder if I dare try it? My last attempt at knitting was disastrous (socks)I gave up in the end. I love the idea of knitting but it doesn't love me...maybe I'll just wait for the cross stitch.

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