A Little House Tour

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12_upstairs_hallPhoto by Julie Smith

My sweet sissy did a little house tour and interview with Andy and me the other day for a home design web site she is working with called Houzz. I loved the questions (and I love Andy's answers) and I love the the pictures she took. She tape recorded the interview we did and said our voices (hers and mine) sounded so similar that it was like listening to one person talking and laughing — and not either of us, but our other sister, Susie. Hah! I busted out laughing when she said that. Awesome. Anyway, always so much fun working on stuff together. Click on the link in her post to get to the tour. Thank you, Julie! xoxoxoxoxo


Fun and lovely tour! My favorite was Andy's answer to, "What is your favorite part of the house?" ".. . anywhere Alicia is". What a sweetheart!

Just lovely. ;)

That is a perfectly lovely interview and tour of your beautiful home! My favorite photo is the one at the end of you and Andy at Mt. Hood. T :) hank you for sharing your life with us on your blog. It is my most favorite stop on the internet. :)

Oh, I do love your home! And I loved the questions and yours and Andy's answers! You guys made me laugh pretty hard a couple of times. And your love for one another just warms me to my core! :)

What a treat this was to read! Thank you, and thanks to Julie for making it so fun.

What a wonderful home you have created! Your sister did a great job of photographing it and asking questions we'd all wanted to hear the answers for, but please thank her for me as I couldn't post my commen on her site either! Everything in your home looks chosen for charm, comfort, beauty and love! No mish mash of objects like I have and want to simplify. Now I want to simplify even more and stop being lazy and start painting! Things have been let go and they need sprucing up. I like how you can go from room to room in your home and it flows so beautifully. Great job to both of you!

I LOVED that house tour! I loved all the photos and seeing everything (because I'm so nosy) and mostly I loved your answers. Especially Andy's answer to his favorite part of the house. :) And you're not getting a hot tub. I loved it so much. :)

I love Houzz! I'll be watching for familiar sights there. :)

What a beautiful photo! I'm going to check the link out now, and I know I'm already going to love what I read!

I love your house!! We must nearly be neighbors. We recently moved into our old home in the same side of town. Can you come help decorate it too?

That was a lovely interview, and there were so many little pockets of your home I hadn't seen before! I loved it. Thank you for sharing!

Loved this - SO nice! :-)

Oh what a treat for us to see this! Your house is such a wonderful nest, beautiful and comfortable. You don't always get both together. And I love what you both say about it and your choices. And seems good ideas, writing and picture composing runs in the family.

Your house is lovely (a real HOME) and I really enjoyed the interview.

'My house is my world...Sometimes when I leave the house I feel like I'm on another planet.' It doesn't sound strange at all...it's exactly how I feel about my home. It's nice to know I'm not the only one :-)

May we have a slow tour of your great craft room please, where you explain any great gadgets? The reason why I ask is that I googled papercutters online and realized they are electonic now and do way more than I understand. Anything would be helpful, thanks!

Oh, I just loved the home tour! You have such a beautiful home. I really enjoyed seeing your handmade items throughout. The log cabin quilt looks perfect on the couch. I was glad to spot the gingerbread heart mobile, because I'm working on stitching that up right now. Inspiration to continue!

Thanks for allowing me to snoop into your house! I'm the kind of person who loves walking in the evening in winter, because there's a bonus of seeing what my neighbors are doing without being totally creepy (just a little!). My favorite part was your responses to the question on hidden talents. Your sister asked great questions and as others have said, her photos are also beautiful.

delightful! xoxo

LOVED it! :)

What a treat and what an inspiration!! Thanks Andy and Alicia for the tour. Beautiful!

Such a lovely house tour! You and Andy are such a cute couple. It's fun to read that you went to Augustana, and are from Illinois. I live about 50 miles from Augustana.

Love your home, and your decorating style. So fresh and welcoming.

Thanks for sharing.

I loved reading Julie's post, and her pictures are just charming. I left a comment indicating that I can tell that you and Andy are in love with your home. I know the feeling - when your home is the most comfortable, comforting place on earth - those of us who can say that are lucky indeed. Thanks to you, Andy and Julie for this wonderful snapshot of your lives!

loved the house tour and your answers. Your entire house is amazing! Especially loved the photo of you and Andy at the end.

I have been poo-pooing a certain set of Ikea shelves that my husband wants to buy. You have proven me wrong. Lovely tour.

Alicia, I followed all the way to Houzz. Your home is inviting and charming and beautiful. It is peaceful, and pretty too, and at the same time, feels like, people actually live there and enjoy it - which you do ;)

I love that home is your world, and home is Andy's fave place in the world.

I have to tell you, I had a grand chuckle outloud, when you said a wonderful jetted hottub in the garden would be a grand splurge, and Andy said, were are not getting a hottub, and you said, I guess we are not getting a hot tub. That was just hilarious charming!

But, I have to say, you have to have a heart to heart with Andy about this.

First if all (directed at Andy if you will), a hot tub would be so deliciously awesome. Imagine, you can even get in it in cold night, in that hot water that sooths the bones on very cold days? In water, in that garden, does it get much better than that?

Or even in summer, with twinkly lights all around, cozy in the hot tub. Oh, it would feel sooooo yumms, and it would be fun too. Water is so therapeutic, and wait, umm, I htink I just convinced myself that we need one too.

Andy, please get a hot tub. I know you want one.


Anyhow, sweet Alicia, thank you for the snippet into your world, and that lovely photo of you and Andy. You guys! You are so sweet and lovely!

Loooove, Vanessa

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