Birthday Delight

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Oh, what a nice birthday weekend I had. French pastries for breakfast, a woods-walk, pretty flowers, macaroni and cheese at Jake's Grill, a waxing moon-rise from the front yard, a glowing cakelet for dessert, a wish, a movie under quilts, Sunday games with my family, sweetest cards and calls and presents. Thank you for all of your sweet wishes! What a wonderful birthday it was.


What a wonderful way to spend your birthday! I love your little cake so much - or is it the stand I love...or the little flags?

Well, love it is. Happy one.

It does all sound very nice, how lovely. I'm so glad you had such a nice day. May your whole year be as happy.

Wonderful! I love your woodsy walk photos, they always make me want to get out of the house and hit the trail.

What a lovely birthday weekend. I love it all. Especially the cakelet! Happy Birthday and a beautiful next year.

So glad you had a wonderful birthday! What kind of cake was that? I really love your way of life and the simple pleasures you appreciate. Hoping and wishing for really good things to happen for you and your family this year!!!

It looks wonderful and magical; the kind of year I wish for you. Happy (belated) Birthday!!

Looks like a very busy, but wonderful time! What a gift that moon stunning moon was! Of course I equally love the pink flowers, the lights of the city and the wet, mossy forest!

Happy, happy birthday, Alicia! Looks and sounds like a wonderful weekend of celebration.

Looks like an absolutely perfect day. I love all of the photos, but especially the lichen on the log, the bouquet, and the streetlights. Lovely!

glad it was beautiful...warm hugs to you...i wish i could stroll down "wild cherry trail" xo

Glad you enjoyedb- lovely pics! :-)

Kathy McDonald says: January 09, 2012 at 12:03 PM

Lovely! Alicia, you and Andy really do things right. Best wishes for a year full of perfect days.

Melissa L. says: January 09, 2012 at 12:16 PM

I'm glad you had such a happy birthday. You deserve it.

But....shouldn't Andy have had his arm around....YOU?! Tee hee.

Happy Belated!

Happy, Happy Birthday Sweet Alicia!! Beautiful captures of your fun day!

So glad you had a lovely birthday! Wonderful photos.

What a perfectly wonderful birthday.
Carol xx

'Recently found your blog; what a beautiful delight. What a wonderful birthday.

Ah! This makes me happy, for you!
What a sweet mix of goodness.

peaceful, comforts abounding, simple joys .....what riches!!

Happiest of birthdays to you, dear one. May the joy and goodness keep on coming throughout the whole year.

Happy birthday! And the city lights are so sparely, and the ferns so green.

Glad you had a lovely day :). Love the first moon picture and the one with little ferns growing on a tree...

Aren't birthdays grand? I am a good bit older than you and I still look forward to my birthday. Hope you have many more wonderful birthdays and each one gets better than the last.

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