Birthday Delight

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Oh, what a nice birthday weekend I had. French pastries for breakfast, a woods-walk, pretty flowers, macaroni and cheese at Jake's Grill, a waxing moon-rise from the front yard, a glowing cakelet for dessert, a wish, a movie under quilts, Sunday games with my family, sweetest cards and calls and presents. Thank you for all of your sweet wishes! What a wonderful birthday it was.


Jordan in Seattle says: January 11, 2012 at 02:49 PM

So glad you had a splendiferous day. I hope your year is just the same. :)

I love how fairytale looking your neck of the woods is! The lighting is oh so beautiful!

Happy belated Birthday! It looked like a very special day. xoxoxo

claire ashworth says: January 13, 2012 at 12:54 PM

1. happy belated birthday!
2. i love clovers red leash just sticking out straight, tied/held to something unknown, like shes leashed to the rock. haha

I so enjoy your pics.

Incredibly belated Happy Birthday wishes to you, Alicia! It looks like it was a perfect day.

Thank you so much for being here. Everything about your blog is uplifting to me. I often use your photos as my desktop background and now I have a "Posie Gets Cozy" category on my Pinterest.

Came across your blog today and am absolutely floored by the intensity and saturation of your photos! How are you doing this? Is it a particular camera and or are you adjusting the photos in photoshop? I'd love to get those deep rich hues in my photos some day.

Yay, happy SUPER BELATED birthday, Alicia! I'm so glad to see it was a nice day. When your birthday rolls around, I remember how it is also a sad time for you. Well, not ALL sad, obviously. Just a little bit. So I am always happy to see that your celebration has been good. You know how to do it up right, dear. PS - I still think about your dad's gift. Is that weird? xoxo

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