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The weekends always go too fast. I love the feeling of . . . lowered expectations. Something like that. It's early Monday morning here now. Crows calling outside. The heat blowing through the register. The sky turning bright gray. My neighbor's screen door slamming as the kids leave the house, one by one (there are six) on their ways to school. Cars starting up. I have a busy week, too. An inch of rain promised for tomorrow, so I'd better get at it today. What I really want to do is sit around dreaming about the veggie garden we're going to start on the parkway. Maybe I'll do a little of that. I need a stack of seed catalogs. Must get one of those!

I figured out the shirring on my machine — thank you for the advice. Turned out that I just needed to loosen the tension on the bobbin case (and I didn't even know bobbin cases had tension). Then it worked perfectly. I used this pattern to start, but modified it heavily — adding 3" to the neck/upper sleeve edges, lengthening the sleeves another 6", lengthening the whole thing and turning it into a dress, adding shirring at the waist. It was fun. And it will be pretty in linen. (By the way, my apron from last week, which I totally adore, is from here.) I have several yards of nutmeg brown linen and another inky blue. My Tasha Tudor dress.

Cross-stitch tutorial tomorrow. Candlemaking? Here is some information for you. Bread talk is here. Any seed catalog recommendations? I am the world's most pathetic gardener so I'll need help.


Johnny's seeds is my go-to. You can always find a coupon for free shipping online. They have a great lettuce selection.

Seeds catalogues are so dangerous! This year we are going to try and grow a tree onion for something a bit different.

Sow True Seeds here in Asheville is wonderful! The seeds are all open-pollinated and non-hybrid.

Your photographs always inspire me with the colors you choose to show off! It's such a different palate than I'm used to seeing. It's like seeing through new glasses.

Territorial Seed catalog, they are out of Oregon so they are pretty much a given that they will grow here in Portland!

My favorites: Seeds of Change, Landreth, Annie's Heirloom Seeds, & Renee's Garden. Looking forward to the cross-stitch tutorial!

Oh! Also, go to People's Co-Op Farmers Market on Thursday and talk to Naomi from Naomi's Organic, she has great seeds and garden advice! Tell her Jennifer Fox sent ya! :-)

Recently found your blog and it's very inspiring. What make is your cup and saucer shown in the first picture of today's post?


I am a big "why not?" gardener usually, so I would just go down to the best nursery around town and see what they have in their seed section - also this place looks really cool - I am dying to take a mini road trip up there:

I'm a Master Gardener out here on the East Coast and I'm always checking out seed catalogs for my community garden projects. Here are my #1 go-to seeds people:

Seed Savers ( for the really good/odd stuff and

Pinetree Seeds ( since they sell little packets for small change -- and who really needs 100 zucchini seeds anyways?

I still haven't figured out shirring, but I'm on a Babylock which has known issues with it. Something to do with the auto bobbin tensioning not being easy to override.

alicia - here's my go to for seeds. their catalog is lovely:

I'm dreaming of a kale garden...I'm afraid that deer will love it I must also dream of a big fence to go around it too. xo happy monday xo

seed catalog and website: Baker Creek Seeds! you can order online. all organic and non gmo.

They don't produce a paper catalog anymore, but is where we ordered our veggie garden seeds this year. I was very happy with my order, though I can't start any seeds until next month!

Territorial Seed. They're local - down near Eugene. Also, I'd highly recommend a trip to the Urban Farm Store on SE 21st & Belmont if you want to get gardening ideas percolating. Have fun! I'm placing my Territorial order today. I think I'm overbuying and will need to share with someone. Better too many seeds than not enough, right?

I second the comments for Territorial Seed!

I second Christina's recommendations! Seed Savers Exchange and Pinetree Seeds have marvellous selections! I would add corporate, but quite the opposite), and if you're in the market for fruit trees, shrubs or vines, check out All have served me well in building a little suburban farmstead of my own.

Territorial is good and not far from where I live.
I do love Johnny's...they have so many beautiful sunflower seeds too. (well, actually, the flowers are more beautiful than the seeds. sheesh!)

Alicia, I highly recommend Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. They are incredible, I have been using their seeds for the past couple of years and always have terrific yeilds. I've used Victory Seeds as well, but I always find myself returning to Baker Creek. I'm also in Phoenix, so if I can get their seeds to grow, I am sure you will have no problem. I will be interested to see how things turn out, we've been thinking about making a move to Portland.

My Father's gardens always covered acres...and he swore by Gurney.

no help here, I grow rocks and dirt in my garden, lol
This climate isn't great for outdoor gardens.
Your home sounds and looks so cozy and warm.
It is finally a gray morning here and I so want to get out and enjoy it. A random rain drop may finally fall I will wait like it is falling snow.
enjoy your sewing.

I'm going to make a thrid vote for Baker Creek Seeds. They're truly a homegrown company with a heart. Their seeds are first class, non-GMO and organic. Their west coast operations are in Petaluma, where they saved an old bank building by setting up a storefront. All of the seeds are wrapped in old-fashioned earthy paper envelopes. They are so very wonderful.

I second the Seed Savers. Beautiful pictures and great selections!

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