In the Woods

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A night, a morning, a day, a night, and a morning at a little cabin in the woods.


Would it be completely awful of me to say how jealous I am?

I have been to that exact cabin! So wonderful. We were there at the end of summer. Your pictures are fabulous!

This looks amazing! Now that's the way to relax and recharge. I need to find a cozy getaway like that in the woods of Wisconsin.

This is my dream home. I have always wanted to have a little place tucked into the woods. Every beautiful image spells welcome.


Beautiful!!! I live in the area- could you email me contact info if this cabin is available to rent? I would love to take my hubby for a get away.

So beautiful. "Sigh"

The photos almost make me feel like I was there. Oh to be somewhere where it's possible to drink coffee outside on the deck (bundled up in a blanket! ) green but cozy - in January.

I MUST GO THERE. Oh please, please.

So here I am, getting caught up on posts when THIS one pops up and it made my heart skip a beat. No kidding, it really did. Oh man, what a place! I could so live there. (Also, because I'm always curious about this kind of thing--what's Andy reading?)

What a beautiful day! Love the quilts in the chairs on the porch.

Holy cow, that last picture is amazing. Like a dream. Absolutely beautiful.

Wow is that place for rent?! Looks like heaven.

Cheers from Australia

I love your photos - they are always so cosy (and yummy too :) ) - thank you for sharing!


Oh, Alicia, what beautiful photos...reminds me of the B&B in the Mt.Hood forest where we stayed on our honeymoon 19 yrs. ago. Would love to rent it for our 20th anniversary next yr. if it's available to rent. Do you have any info. you could share about that? I'm in a wheelchair, but it looks like it would work pretty well(?). Thank you for such a restorative break from daily life when I read your blog; it is such a day-brightener. I must spend most of each day in bed, but your blog always transports me to a wonderful place! Thanks for all the time & energy you put into this; it is much appreciated.
Warm Regards from another Portland neighbor,
Lisa in Lake O.

What an amazing place!!! I love all of your photos!!!!!!!!!
Teresa x

So beautiful! I'd love to know if this was a rental, and where it is located. I'm an Oregonian, too :)

It all looks so cosy - I want to be there.

Oh I want a week in this cabin so badly!

Okay, I know I'm a little late to this party, but I must say: "Stop it!!" You are killing little old me sitting down here in sunwashed and stuccoed(is that a word?) southern california. My heart simple cannot stand looking at the unadulterated forest cabin coziness that is going on there! Help! Thud.

What a cosy and adorable post!

Love that rug under the table in the first photo! I think I've seen a smaller one in one of your other photos. Did you make that? Can you show a close up of it? Would love to be able to make something like that!

I want to reside in that little cabin. Lovely photos.

That's such a perfect, perfect cabin! I've always wanted to stay (live!) in a little cabin in the woods just like that one.

So beautiful! Where is it at if you'd like to share?

Love the blue and white wool blanket! Is it a Hudson Bay blanket?

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