In the Woods

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A night, a morning, a day, a night, and a morning at a little cabin in the woods.



Next time you go, can I come too! :)
Vivienne x

What I would give for a weekend like this! It looks PERFECT! Enjoy. Enjoy.

Please, please, please let us know if this is a rental! We are always looking for places like this to stay within a handful of hours of Portland, and this place looks amazing! If you own it, or if it belongs to friends, then I am throughly jealous!

I hardly ever comment, but had to this time. What a beautiful cabin, and what a great weekend retreat that would be! I'm curious like everyone else - is this something that is for rent? I'd spend a week there in a heartbeat!

What a lovely weekend! Love the stove!

Oh, so lovely! If you don't mind my asking, where is the cabin? My sweetie and I are always looking for fun escapes that are easily accessible from Portland.

Wow, Alicia! Your photos put your readers right there. The final shot is my favorite. It's so pretty, it doesn't quite look real.

Hope you have a great week.

Oh gosh, it looks awesome! I wouldn't have wanted to leave.

Oh, just oh.

Laurie in Iowa says: January 29, 2012 at 04:11 PM

What a beautiful place.

Your photography just keeps getting better and better, Alicia! These are just breathtaking. I'll join the chorus: Where is this place? It looks perfect.

Hope your getaway was wonderful!

These beautiful pictures remind me of a cabin - in fact I thought it was the same one - that my husband and I rented on the Maine coast. I brought with me a wedding quilt commission I was working on. I'd sit in front of the enormous window overlooking the bay, watching the eagles, quilting in that beautiful light. Every morning the fog would roll in and burn off by the time I had my second cup of coffee. There was so much fog and moisture in the air that by day three, the water soluble marking ink I had used on the quilt had completely faded away. I was left with just a good set of eyes and memory to duplicate the faded marks.

Thanks so much for bringing back a very funny time in our lives, in a little seaside cabin, 21 years ago.

Alicia! Stop teasing me with your cooking!!! LOL Did I spy your apply pie in the works? Looks like a wonderful weekend. Sigh. :)

I love the woods in that area. And, what a beautiful day -- though probably a little chilly! Nothing better than cozying up to your loved ones in warmth and beauty in an idyllic setting! So therapeutic for anything that ails you.

I am absolutely speechless. And no words needed at all. I didn't know such places existed, but I'm so happy to learn that they do.

I just choked on satisfaction.

Please share with us on how we can experience this little slice of heaven, it is JUST what I need right quite, solitude. Please share, if you can.
thanks for sharing

ahhh, the fresh air and a fireplace and yummy looking food - heaven!

Alicia, please stop making me so jealous. Your world is so filled with beauty. :) I may have to pull up stakes and move to OR!

OMH! I think I just shed a tear of unabashed joy!

This looks and sounds like my ideal weekend. What a perfect setting! Please share with us where this little cabin is located.

IS THIS FOR REAL?!!! I am so happy for you and Andy and the Clove-sters! What a magical place for chilling, snuggling, reading, dreaming, knitting, cooking...
I have a really good book I'm reading, a lovely hat I'm knitting, a couple of awesome scone recipes...too bad I live on the opposite coast, or I'd be booking my own cabin yesterday!

oh my goodness! what a spot to stop in and rest...i can almost see the fairies in the woods.


does it get any better?

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