On Saturday

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I sewed. He made beeswax candles and bread for me. I love him.


Pretty, soothing photos. Love that you love him. :)

True love : )


Your post made me smile! :-)

i would love him too!

Alicia, you're one lucky girl! But then again, Andy is one lucky guy.

Hey, have you ever considered uploading your home photos to houzz.com? Be warned, if you haven't been to the site before, you may lose your mind. Your lifestyle and decor photos are some of the best and most inspiring I've ever seen.

The love... it shows. I thought it was just the light, your focus, your eye for framing beauty, but now I see... it's the love that makes these posts and images reflect warmth and peace. So much love.

My husband went shopping and brought home pop and party mix. He was pretty darn happy with himself....
Tomorrow's blog will be about how he read 79 pages of a book last night. First time in 20 years that I have ever seen him with an open book like that. I tool a photo :)
You two lovies are as sweet as they come.

Ah he's a keeper!

What lovely calming pictures and those candles. What a great day and a great man, Jx

The bread looks delicious - has inspired me to make some! :)

I love your table setting. The pottery, wax flowers, silver pieces, with your pretty plates and rustic bread. :) Very inviting. My husband cleaned the kitchen for me on Friday. Those acts of service scream I LOVE YOU to me.

Your posts are always beautiful but this one is particularly peaceful and gorgeous. That sounds like an absolutely perfect Saturday to me! x

I agree with Natalie-- the love that glows out from your home is better than the coolest photoshop action!

Would Andy be willing to share more about his beeswax candel-making???

I wish I could see more of your sewing project. The little glimpse looks lovely.

you are loved...

OOOOO is there an Andy post coming soon about candlemaking?! Sounds like a lovely way to spend a Saturday :)

I love him too! Awesome guy!

Yeah, me too! Andy rocks!
Luckily, my man is just as awesome, and boy does he make my heart pitter-pat!!

I love your marriage. I know we only see little bits of it on here, but it just seems so...what a marriage is meant to be. You're both so lovely!

Yep, your man rules :-)


Such a lucky girl, our Alicia!

(From a "green with envy" fan!)

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