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Andy made fresh pasta and tossed it with some sauteed arugula, a bit of cream, and a dusting of Parmesan for Sunday dinner. So excellent. We only get to eat dinner together about half the week. We've been trying to make new things these past few months, branch out a bit. There is something so awesome about having someone make dinner for you. Boy have I ever been spoiled lately. Ridiculously.


i have always said that if I came into a lot of money and only could buy one thing, it would be a personal chef.
I cherish every dinner my husband cooks.

Boy, does that sound good!

It's okay. We all need to be spoiled occasionaly. Enjoy!

Gee whiz! A sensitive, sweet, cute (I mean handsome, sorry Andy, I know how guys don't "do" cute, but actually, you're both ) man...AND he cooks!! I do believe my blue eyes have gone green! Gonna try that yummy looking dish for sure!

Looks and sounds divine. And how can you make pasta look so cool?! (That first picture is really great...)

Wow. That looks amazing! I got a pasta attachment a while ago & I still have yet to try it out. Your photos are encouraging me for sure!

Homemade pasta is the best. I recent;y purchased some lavender pasta - haven't tried it yet, but I imagine it will be yummy. How nice of Andy to whip up something so homemade!

My kiddo would love this- her favorite food is pasta. Come to think of it, mine is too!

I have never tried to make pasta...seems difficult and complex. I commend looks great.


I received a GORGEOUS blue pasta making machine for Christmas and haven't used it yet... weather has been so hot and humid. Longing for our Melbourne Autumn and happy making times with my machine.

He's a sweet boy!

I recently read somewhere that a quality women really admire in a man is if he can cook a good meal. My fella makes the most wonderful dinners. Nothing says love like fresh pasta and a great sauce, or a beautiful roast, or sauteed chicken breasts with mushroom, or potatoes au gratin...or.... Let us just say, that men who cook great meals are appreciated. Andy's pasta dinner looks delicioso.

Lucky girl! If only I could get my hubby to cook for me!


Wow this looks so good. My husband is the cook in our house and I just love feeling pampered and well fed after a long day. I might have to try to get him to make this pasta, I can almost smell it :).

You deserve it!!!!!

lucky girl you are...but you already know that. xoxo oh and he's lucky too of course!

Good..I 'm glad your being deserve it!!!

Lucky you, Andy is quite a good chef! And vice versa!! :)
That dish looks and sounds scrumptious! Maybe that's what I need to do, alter my routine. Something about winter, be it warm or cold, one can get in a rut.

'tis so true. Sometimes I feel like you don't appreciate the magnitude of making dinner for someone until you get it made for you, a lot. If that makes sense!

Isn't spoiled the best? :) Yum, on the pasta. Looks great!

My man makes pasta too. Isn't WONDERFUL? [o= Loving hearing about what you two making in the kitchen.


That looks amazing. I really want to try making pasta, but I haven't yet. It seems a bit overwhelming. But this looks so good I may just have to do it already!
x Katherine

I need to get my pasta machine back from my daughter! You're making me want to make some! Looks wonderful, and you deserve to be spoiled, but I have a feeling you spoil HIM, too!

What a lovely sounding dinner........and to share it with your best friend. I love the way that you and Andy treat each other. It is as it should be! Bless you both. smile

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