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Very, very excited about all of the sampler enthusiasm — thank you so much! I am thrilled. We will talk!

It's my birthday tomorrow, so I made myself a wee little birthday cake. And took a big huge picture of it. :-)


that cake looks AWESOME!!!!

oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY... sorry preggo, i get distracted

Love, love, love your cake, Alicia!
Happy birthday and wishes for a blessed new year!

this cake is absolutely adorable. everything you do has your sweet little touch that makes it extra special. i've never commented before, but this little cake did me in. makes me want to make a mini-cake and make it preshi, just to look at. okay, and i might eat all of it. maybe. have a lovely weekend alicia.

Gorgeous! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Alicia!!! Big, big hugs to you! Wish Hannah and I could pay you a little visit and surprise you with something sweet and adorable :)

That cake.....omg. Amazzzzzing!!!


Many happy returns of the day (tomorrow)! I haven't chimed in about the new sampler only because I am so engrossed in and delighted by the current one. I don't know if it's the design or the colors or the stitched themselves, but I have to tell you that this project brings me real contentment. Thank you.

Beautiful! "Many happy returns on your birthday"-Winnie the Pooh

holy cow that looks deliciously decadent!!! mmm....feel like sharing the recipe? :)

happy happy birthday, have a wonderful day!

Oh my, Happy Birthday Alicia. I made that cake and frosting over the is soooo yummy, now its my go to frosting especially for chocolate! (And I'm worried about the sampler, I don't know how to do counted cross stitich!

Ha! only 3 comments! At last I can get a word in and can wish you the best of happy birthdays!
Dear Alicia, your blog has been such a pleasure and an inspiration for writing and making. I often reread earlier posts.
That sampler looks exquisite & I look forward to more of your beautiful work. Please pass on my regards to Andy who gives his own special flavour to the blog.
I would comment more often but usually find someone else has just said what I was going to say.

Happy Birthday, Lovely Alicia! I so love your blog, your designs, your color sense, etc., etc., etc. I hope you have a birthday as wonderful as you. (Can't wait to see the sampler!!)

Happy Birthday to you. Your blog makes my days easier and kinder.


That cake is gorgeous! You've inspired me. My daughter's 1st birthday is next month and we're doing a "Little Red Riding Hood" theme, a cake like that would be perfect.

so glad your sampler project is coming along. happiest of birthday wishes to you, my friend. may god grant you every grace in the coming year.


Happy Birthday!!
Such great people born in January ~ My mom, my daughter, and you :)

Hope your day is full of memories.

Happy Birthday (lovely cake and photo). Enjoy yourself tomorrow. Cheers.

oh my!!

stunning! wishing you the happiest of days ms. alicia! beautiful cake! enjoy!

Alicia, I wish you more love and happiness than you can handle . . . so much that it's overflowing. Happy Birthday, and may this be your best year ever. Love you my friend.


Happy, Happy Birthday, Alicia!!!

beth lehman says: January 06, 2012 at 05:22 PM

HAPPY Birthday - i think i'll make my own cake from now on - on a high pedestal! marvelous!

Happy, happy birthday! That cake is alllmost too pretty to eat. Almost :)

wow that looks delicious! Happy Birthday to you!

bless your heart dear alicia! i hope you have a happy happy day filled will all good things! (starting with that fabby cake!)

Happy Birthday, dear Alicia!!! Wishing you a most happy day, and a wonderful year filled with joy!

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