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Very, very excited about all of the sampler enthusiasm — thank you so much! I am thrilled. We will talk!

It's my birthday tomorrow, so I made myself a wee little birthday cake. And took a big huge picture of it. :-)


Happy Birthday! And have you every thought of making terrariums? I think you would be very good at it.

Happy Birthday Alicia! Your cake is cute a button. :)

Happy Happy Birthday - and that is one gorgeous little cake! Glad to see you had a wonderful day! <3

That is BEAUTIFUL. I'm pinning that photo, in fact, as a reminder of just how breathtakingly gorgeous a birthday cake can be. Happy Birthday, beautiful Alicia.

Beautiful cake! Happy birthday!

Nancy McKenna says: January 09, 2012 at 08:54 PM

May this year bring you joy, happiness, peace and love. If the phrase "do onto others as you would have done onto you" is true, well then my dear, you are in for a very , very special year. Your "blog" family loves you, ( and Andy, and clover and bee)...

Clonk. i just swooned off my chair. Happy birthday, missy. I want to say something lovely and meaningful but I can't take my eyes off that cake...

wishing you a happy year ahead...

p.s. do you have a source for that cake stand because it is too darling for words.

Nancy McKenna says: January 10, 2012 at 12:44 PM

Where did you find that lovely cake stand? I search Eugene this morning with no luck.

Nancy McKenna says: January 10, 2012 at 01:13 PM

Where on earth did you find that lovely cake stand? I searched all over Eugene this morning with no luck.

prettiest cake I've ever seen!!

Glad you had a wonderful birthday, you deserve it! I have to say I think this photo is one of my absolute favourites from your blog. Just in love with it. It should be printed on birthday cards or something.

I hope you had a beautiful birthday. And that this year comes with many gifts for you. Your site makes me smile everytime I come here. Love the cake! I'd love to know the recipe. That frosting looks exactly how frosting should look. It tastes fabulous from here too! Many happy days ahead of you. Keep walking towards them.

This is quite possibly the prettiest birthday cake pic I have ever seen! Happy Birthday, Alicia! Happy New Year to you! xo xo Cathy

Oh golly! When I was in Denver over Christmas, I found a beautiful vintage pink milk glass cake stand similar to yours! I cannot wait to put a cake on it! Your birthday cake is ADORABLE!

Everything you do is beautiful! I love your cake.

Once again you've created such a lovely piece of art - and it's edible! And looks delicious! What is your recipe? I'd love to know, if you wouldn't mind giving it to me.

OOo Happy Birthday!

Tutorial? Pleeease?

Found it! You don't mention what kind of cake/frosting it is...looks lush! It's so pretty.

gabrille Mader says: March 27, 2014 at 03:30 PM

I've had this cake in my archives forever...and I'm turning 50 tomorrow and I'm going to attempt to make your cake with my daughters..I'm excited...hope mine turns out as beautiful as yours.

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