White Night

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It snowed for a few minutes yesterday morning, but for the rest of the day it was cold and dry.





I kind of wanted to go somewhere, but they kept warning that worse weather was on its way. So I stayed in and drank pots of tea and hung out with the puppers and later sauteed some mushrooms and tossed them with noodles and cleaned up the kitchen and read in the bathtub. I put on the big fluffy white robe my mom gave me for Christmas, and we all (the girls and I) headed upstairs to knit. Andy got home a few hours later, and around 10:30 or so we noticed that the night had turned white:











It's all mostly gone this morning. Oh how I love that snowpink night sky. It always reminds me of one time when I was little and we had a perfect snow. In the middle of the night it was so light out you could see everything. We had a new puppy — it must have been Loki (chocolate Lab) — and we took him to the park next door to our house. The snow was so deep and light, and everything was so quiet; our neighborhood was asleep. It was just our family. We all stood in a big circle in the park and he ran from one to the other of us, big ears flapping, big paws thumping, sinking over and over again into the snow, so excited. Snowpink sky reminds me of that night, and my silky brown Loki. Sweetest dog.


I too love a Snowy Night. Sometimes in Edinburgh at night when there is deep snow, the lights of the city reflect off the snow and it seems almost like daylight, except with no-one around.
Quite magical.

Take care,

Melissa L. says: January 18, 2012 at 10:21 AM

So, you got that box of snow I sent you?! Tee hee.

I did not even KNOW it had snowed until I turned off the lights to go to bed, and THEN I saw the magical snowpink sky! So pretty.

Cozy pics and nice with a little snow. :-)

I flew in to Portland last night on the (bumpy) snow clouds. Coming home to snowflakes was wonderful. I was sorry to hear the traffic moving this morning; I wanted it deep and lasting.

now i know why my pink sky photo made you sob...
your sweet memory touched my heart xo
if you need some more white...i just posted. i am living in a winter wonderland :)

Don't think I've ever experienced a snow-pink sky. I saw the weather forecast for the northwest last night and thought of you...seems like more snow is on the way?

I watched it until about 11:30 last night. So bummed to hear raindrops on the window early this morning. We did get out of school, but the slush just isn't as pretty to photograph or scrapbook...

when i heard the national weather report this morning and they mentioned snow in the NW, i immediately thought of you! glad you're getting a bit of snow without being overwhelmed with it :)

oh that is a lovely memory!
I so miss the snow! Growing up in the midwest it was always so special to wait for the first snow.
A fire in the fireplace and a big picture window in the living room to wait and watch out of.
Oh such good times.
Thanks for making me feel like a kid again with this post :)

Beautiful photos...there was just a light snow cover when I went to bed last night. I peeked outside around 1:30 am to a winter wonderland. Thought about running outside to take photos, but knew that my 2 dogs would want to go too, and the thought of drying everyone off in the middle of the night was too much for me...sadly, as it has mostly melted away now. I love the quiet that snow brings--a wonderful, natural sound insulation.

so. jealous. oh for just a few flakes...the pink sky photos are beautiful. when my husband and i were in high school and dating, it snowed really hard and fast while i was up at the farm...he took me home and got within a mile of my house and we decided to turn around and go back to the farm and tell my parents we couldn't get home....we did and i stayed for several days as it was a deep one....all of us took sleds out and rode down a huge hill here late at night and needed absolutely no lights it was so pink and light....hadn't thought of that in years...thanks...

I've been thinking about you since the news was saying Portland was going to get some snow. I know how much you love it and how nice Andy was there to enjoy it with you! I have some wonderful memories of taking my dogs out late at night during a snow storm and have the same photo of my pup's dog print in the snow. How I miss him!

Once, when my son was in his early 20s and still living at home, we went for a walk in the woods with our two dogs during a snow storm and it was so silent and beautiful. As we turned a corner on the trail the dogs stopped cold and we looked and saw an owl perched on a low branch. We all looked at each other and finally we slowly passed by as the owl turned his head to watch our progress. I felt such a sense of peace in all of it. The owl trusting us not to harm, the dogs realizing they needed to walk slowly and not bark and my son and I experiencing nature in all its glory. It's a wonderful memory some 20 years old!

Oh, what gorgeous photos you take! I’m so happy you got a night snow, even if it didn’t last long.

So glad you got a little snow! I am north of Seattle, and we have amazing snow right now! I've been going on long snowy walks for the last three afternoons, and I'll go again today. Magical for a girl who grew up in Texas and then lived in Florida--I love the snow! And now I know what you mean about the snowpink sky! The light from the sky and the snow is so pretty at night--I'm amazed at how much it just glows--so pretty!

I don't know how you do it exactly, but everytime I read your blog (and I do so frequently)--I am transported into lovely world and reminded of all that is beautiful and good. I recall my son's 1st grade teacher at his Waldof school explaining to me that the goal of the first grade was to teach the children that the world is beautiful and good. You do that every day and I am so thankful.

Nancy McKenna says: January 18, 2012 at 11:03 AM

My grandfather always said his favorite color was "sky blue pink", I think of him eveytime I look into the sky and see his favorite color.

Hi Alicia,

Thanks for sharing your lovely memory. If I ever find myself in such a situation, I would like to do the same with my son and dog :)

We got snow too! But all of it turned to mush before the kids could come home to play in it.

I'm glad you're finally getting your snow! :) These photos are beautiful.

So sad to wake up and find it mostly gone this morning. I had a snow day from work yesterday (a ridiculous call by management, but none of us complained) and last night I was so giddy, pressing my face against the window. I finally went out and went for an hour's walk at 10:45. I just wanted to hear the quiet. So glad I did now! I thought of you too; actually, I had a dream that I was having a nice visit with Clover Meadow!

oooh so pretty. Thanks for sharing the snowy pictures! What are you knitting? I just love your knitting posts!

Thank you for capturing pictures I could not last night, Alicia, and for sharing them and your good snow memories, that pleasantly reminded me of walking out in a wonderful, quiet, warm-pink-white night snow while attending CMSU forty years ago. There is still snow being washed away by rain out here near Sandy where the tree boughs are bowed in honor of the snow. <3

I loved the silence, or what seemed close to silence - your own breathing, yes, but little beyond that. The snow softened and muffled everything, all the sharp sounds gone, the rustling leaves and street noise. Then you would feel just a little bit of snow brush past your face, and you swore it made its own sound, like tiny piano keys. I miss that, and the pink sky you shared. Beautiful.

Lovely pictures! I'm supposed to get some snow in the next few days. I hate cold weather except when it snows. It just seems magical when it does.

I am a St. Louis girl who now lives in Orlando...boy do I miss those still snowy nights! I truly believe I could 'feel' the snowy silence. Every so often we get a frost here, so I pretend : ) Thanks for sharing your pics!

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