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Thank you for all the nice house tour comments! You guys are all so sweet. So sweet. Thank you. I guess our house has changed quite a bit since we started redoing things last year. Redoing the windows and then the bathrooms was a pretty major event for us. We were not redoing-type people but now maybe we are a little bit. Not much, but a little bit, I guess. Good changes. It kind of made me want to do a before-and-after photo kind of thing. I have a photo album of the very first pictures we ever took of our house twelve years ago when we bought it. It was early spring — March and April — when we moved in. We were so happy. The first day we got there there was no furniture yet or anything. There was a fireplace and an area rug. Neither of us had ever had a fireplace before. I remember Andy built a little fire and I took a nap on the floor in front of the fireplace. When it was time to go back to our apartment for the night, we didn't know what to do with the fire, which was still going, so Andy picked up the burning log and ran with it through the living room and out the front door and then threw it into the front yard. Then hosed it down. I was still lying on the floor the whole time laughing so hard, thinking, I don't know what you're supposed to do with it but I'm pretty sure that's not it. Oh man. Still cracks me up so bad.


Great story. I love your house.

Your house always looks so cozy I love the burning log story! I can see why that would still crack you up!

That story is hilarious.

Haha - that was a good one..! :-)

That is AWESOME! I can see it all unfolding like a cartoon. :D

Imagine what the neighbors thought lol ... What a great memory. I love looking at before and afters.

Resourceful... I like it.
I was thinking about the house tour, and what a gift you have for making serene-clean-warm spaces... throughout your home. There are two elements I am weak with: cleaning and knowing my *style.* Cleaning, organizing... that one is a huge problem, and probably a function of my laziness. But what about style? I seem to love EVERYTHING, or whatever is on sale. Consequently we have to pretend to be oh-so-esoteric, eclectic, free-spirited, because our home is a mash-up of total randomness. I am tempted, yet scared, to ask for help. Think I'll just continue to admire what you do...

Hi, I found your blog through the list on Alt. What beautiful images. Well, he certainly put the fire out so that was a goal achieved.

Alicia, I don't know if I've ever commented on your blog before, but I've been reading and loving it for some time. The story about Andy and the burning log made me laugh and made me want to write and tell you both how much I enjoy what you guys put out there for us to see and read and learn from. It gives me a sense of peace reading many of your posts and if I only had to pick a couple blogs to read, ever again, yours would be one of them!

That little house tour (and interview) just lit up my day you two. BTW...I was so hoping he would go for the hot tub idea! I love mine. Midnight...starry sky...heavenly. Let's work on him more...

I have noticed how your style has changed a bit over the years. It's evolved from a bit kitschy and cute to warm and cozy I think. I like what it's become.

I sure wish the woven lamp shades were still available at Ikea but I think they aren't made anymore. I may have to check around because I should have snapped some up way back when. I love yours.

That. Is. Hilarious.

I love your home and the richness of color. It is such a visual delight and your photos are always so wonderful. I mostly lurk but just wanted to let you know I am in love with it.

I think everyone's taste evolves over the years. Well I think changes is a better word than evolves, as we are what we are. Style is unique and personal. It is us. Or it should be. Going with what you like and what you have is what it is all about. No one should feel uncomfortable about their own choices. It's all good I believe. I think a 'mash up of total randomness' is as fine a choice as anything. As long as our home is our place of comfort and safety anything goes. Sometimes I look at old pictures and wonder what I was thinking as I no longer find them attractive. Other times I look at pictures and know they will always be on my wall. Mostly though my home is the four walls that encloses me in security.

I grew up with open fires and I think we just went out and left it if we needed to. I guess it didn't happen that often as it was usually lit in the evening and someone would be around. The picture in my head of Andy running through the house with a log is so funny!


Hi there, the fireplace is beautiful. These pictures are so clear and restful. Thank you, Jo x

I love your house, so beautiful. And the log story made me laugh, pretty much cos it is something I would do, and then I would still worry all night that the place might burn down ;-)

That is a great story. A good laugh. I think my mouth would have dropped open in speachless amazement. Sounds like Andy tries hard to take care of things.

We did a pretty major redo of our home when we bought it (very gross 70's/80's interior), and I put together an album of the before, during, and after pictures. It's fun to add to it as we finish up new projects around the house. I highly recommend it. Makes you feel good looking through the album and seeing everything you did! And Clover looks especially warm and cuddly in that picture.

Oh my gosh-cracked me up too. He meant well! My husband would say 'It worked, didn't it???' Lol.

That's a cute story. I wouldn't know what to do with it, either.

Your photos - the glass!!! ahhhh

That's an awesome story :)

I saw the tour on your sister's blog and loved it! Your home is so welcoming, warm and cozy--it's no wonder you love to be there. I love today's photo of your Clover all cozy under a blanket. Our older dog, Gus, loves to be covered with his blankie...our younger dog, Penny, loves to lie on top of a blankie, so we can't use it to cover her up. And I love the story of Andy's unfinished fire solution. What wonderful memories...

I am hoping you'll fill us in about those tart pans. I have a cabinet full of them and have NO IDEA what to do with them.

I'll think of something, but your plans will interest me greatly.

I loved your comment about Goodwill and letting stuff go. I'm going to work on that - just not the tart pans.

OMG that is priceless!
what a great story.
In my mind, I can just see him doing some sort George Costanza dance thru the living room to get outside.
It is so funny I have read your blog for years, I would get lost in it at work...oops, and I never had a blog, or any idea of how to comment, so I couldn't comment. So many times I wanted to say "Oh so cool to you".
I am finally a SAHM and have a blog, so now I love reading and being able to comment.

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