Winter Spring

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Thank you for all the nice house tour comments! You guys are all so sweet. So sweet. Thank you. I guess our house has changed quite a bit since we started redoing things last year. Redoing the windows and then the bathrooms was a pretty major event for us. We were not redoing-type people but now maybe we are a little bit. Not much, but a little bit, I guess. Good changes. It kind of made me want to do a before-and-after photo kind of thing. I have a photo album of the very first pictures we ever took of our house twelve years ago when we bought it. It was early spring — March and April — when we moved in. We were so happy. The first day we got there there was no furniture yet or anything. There was a fireplace and an area rug. Neither of us had ever had a fireplace before. I remember Andy built a little fire and I took a nap on the floor in front of the fireplace. When it was time to go back to our apartment for the night, we didn't know what to do with the fire, which was still going, so Andy picked up the burning log and ran with it through the living room and out the front door and then threw it into the front yard. Then hosed it down. I was still lying on the floor the whole time laughing so hard, thinking, I don't know what you're supposed to do with it but I'm pretty sure that's not it. Oh man. Still cracks me up so bad.


my granddog would love the picture of clover meadow. he loves his blankies. i am hoping that andy had gloves when he carried that log. very resourceful man that. a source of amusement (and love) as well.

Andy always entertains us!!!! (I'm with him on the hot tub issue BTW!~Ha)

oh, that really made me laugh. Which I needed today -- thanks!

OMG I just laughed so hard at the imagine of you lying on the floor and him running with the hot log!
Your home is the way you decorate....and I really love Clover Meadow....such sweet loving eyes!

That would crack me up forever, too.

I smile every time I see your fireplace - I've been reading your blog since the day you posted about putting the roses on it. LOVE it still.
Thank you for all your years of sharing with us. It's almost always been a quieting space in my day. Even the hard days you've had felt to me like we readers were sitting in your living room sharing tears with you.
Again, thank you.

That's hysterical! I did love the tour-I check in at Houzz a few times a week and it was fun to see someone familiar.

I loved seeing your house tour today and I especially loved that gray and natural striped blanket, but I'm not finding it anywhere on the Pendleton website...any idea what the blanket is called or where I might find it?

I wouldn't know what to do to put out a fire in the fireplace, either! We just always throw water on it when camping but... I don't think anyone wants to dump a few gallons of water on their floor indoors!

that is a hilarious story! i literally "lol'd."

yes, your house is very lovely.
but whenever I see your dog, every little trouble
in life disappears.

Hehe I'm trying to picture the scene of Andy
and the burning log. I'm still laughing. What a
great story and thanks for the laugh. Love it!

After hanging out here for quite a few years,it's really quite remarkable how much your style and aesthetic have evolved. It used to be much more vintage-retro, brighter colors like aqua & red, Japanese lanterns, etc. The Houzz really drove that home. It is still cozy & lovely and warm, but in a very different, more rustic vibe.

I enjoyed the tour of your home, but I really enjoy your photography! I'm usually just a lurker, but tonight I thought I'd say "hi".

Oh you make me laugh! (Or rather, Andy does) He's the man!!! I think re-doing would be a bit of a pain - but so satisfying when you have made it YOURS. :)
Thanks for sharing your journey Alicia.
S xo

Oh, I love that story. So sweet. Andy is so funny. I think of him every time I embroider hoping the back of my project turns out like his did just because thats how cool people do it! The other day my friend was teaching me to knit and she knit a bit of her long necklace into the project! See? Cool people rule.
Your house is so beautiful! I love when you show pictures of it. I can tell you have a happy home like my husband and I do. And your bathrooms rock the casbah!!

Oh. My. Gosh. That is too funny! I even read it to my husband who cracked up!!

I loved your house tour so much. I even dug out the Christmas lights and put them around the playroom door, like you did in your kitchen. Thank you for the inspiration!

Oh Andy! You have to really love such a take charge guy....rotflol too.

I get so excited whenever I see a new post from you!! i love all the beauty and peace in your photos. Thank you for blogging!

Oh my goodness. I can only imagine that if one of your new neighbors had watched that unfold, they would have scratched their head and thought, "Well, this should be interesting!"

Great story. I'm still chuckling. :)

Loved the interview. Have a great winter. XO

So funny! Andy running through the house with a burning log! Lol!

Have followed you for as long as you have blogged. I have watched you and Andy transform your garden and your house. I have cooked many of your recipes, relaxed on your patchwork pillows and enjoyed your pets. In November, I followed your dream and shared your sorrow. You are two very talented individuals who live your life with dignity and grace. I wish you were my for real neighbor. Love you both.

Oh.. man I wish Spring would hurry. There is a pot of bulbs coming up on our deck railing and I have no idea what they are. And the bearded iris are beginning to come up. Our chives are starting to come up. There is *hope*! Love the burning log story.. good idea to get it out of the house before you left, I know you'd have worried leaving it burning. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Alicia! what are those little tins used for? I was just looking through a box of them at the antique store, but then passed them up because I wasn't sure what they should be used for. and of course...your house is gorgeous and cozy. You should start an interior design consulting service, I would hire you! ;)

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