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We went for a walk in the woods last week.



















Magical place. I love it so much.


Beautiful Moss. Thank You!

Beautiful! You still have ferns and mushrooms? Wow. I love ferns sooooooooo much! I have some fern stamps that I love to use.
Thanks for sharing!
xo, Cheryl

Your forest pictures are so magical, always!!!! Do you know how to forage for mushrooms? If I lived near woods like that, I would try to learn! I guess it can be scary at first, but if you learn from an expert....

This urban New Orleans dweller says thank you for sharing your walk. We don't see much that looks like this around here, and I was thirsty for it!

You can smell the mossy chill and the water and the crispy air through the photos! I will have to make a trek to the forest soon.

Beauty. I want to be there!

Beautiful,,I would print those off and hang them,,you do live in a beautiful state,,thank for sharing,,

How beautiful! Absoloutely Stunning photo's! Thank you

Gah. The woods out west are so gorgeous. There's something mystical about all the wetness and moss, like a little gnome or fairy might pop out from under a mushroom at any moment!

I am in hibernation mode up here. Middle of a deep freeze. Your photos are delicious. The girls and I are in the middle of a Gilmore Girls marathon...season 4. Your photos make me want to drink more water. :) Thanks Alicia.... and Andy are the most wonderful/beautiful are so lucky to be perfect for each other...enjoy. xoxo

Your photos make my heart swell... they seem to even capture the smell... thank you.

christine horlbeck says: January 04, 2012 at 08:01 AM

A perfect place for little gnome houses.

My dream would be a small log cabin there...
I can smell the woods!

A few years ago my friend from Portland (now living in Berkeley) gave me a book full of Oregon images. Beautiful, familiar as woods and coast yet different from our Scottish ones.
Your pictures made me think of her and of her visit here for our wedding. Lovely
Ali xx

it really does look magical!

Beautiful and spooky. I think of you when I watch Grim, I keep looking for you Red Riding Hood style innocently drinking a thimble of tea at the edge of the woods. Watch out for the big bad wolf dearie! xo

Love the moss! I can almost smell the leaf mold and dampness in the air. Thank you for sharing such gorgeous photos. I'm jealous!

beth lehman says: January 04, 2012 at 08:16 AM

your posts like this make me want to head out to the woods!! there is nothing like it. redemptive, somehow.

What amazing photos...they take me right there. We live on the CA coast right now, but just moved from Bellingham, WA this past summer. I have been missing the forest and the pacific northwest magic. Thank you for bringing it to all of us.

These are my dream woods.

Stunning photographs, felt as if I was holding my breath as I scanned down the page and viewed each one. This is a magical place with fairies and gnomes.

Isn't it lovely to have had such a mild winter this year, and still be able to go out and about without being rained on? The sun is peeking above the clouds and around the mountain as we speak. If my friends and family back in Minnesota only knew... I almost feel guilty that they can't experience this place every day.

I love the mountains in Arizona, but the two things I miss the most about Michigan, having recently moved, are the shores of Lake Michigan, and the forests of Northern Michigan. It might sound silly to someone who has never spent time in the woods, but ever since I was little the woods have had this magical pull, this beautiful silence that was deeper and richer than the silence at home. It was a place I could go to truly feel alone and reflect. I miss it. So much. Your photos bring me back there. This is one of my favorite songs about those random places and times when we sit back and let the beauty of a place or moment draw us in


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