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We went for a walk in the woods last week.



















Magical place. I love it so much.


and magical photos...thank you. i really needed a journey into the wood.

those woods look enchanted. like Narnia-enchanted. how gorgeous.

and PS: my NYC-doggie is VERY jealous of Clover's muddy pawprints. she'd give her four paws to go roaming in the woods like that :)

That looks like a real-life enchanted forest! Magical! Your dog is so precious, too.

Kathy Dignum says: January 04, 2012 at 08:59 AM

Oh what lovely photo's - thank you - makes me feel I should get out for a walk too - like you I'm cosying at the moment! lol. Thanks for the bread recipe too - I've just been out and bought a dutch cook pot (well it's French - Le Creuset)to make it with, I got it second hand for a couple of Euros - can't be bad! I'll give it a try!

As always, your photographs are beautiful. I used to leave near some woods - I really miss them even though they weren't half as fresh looking as yours.

I love the pawprints!!!

So beautiful. Everything here is just brown, no snow. Thanks for the green breathing space today.

So lovely. I half expected to see Edward and Bella running through the woods.

(Crap...just outed myself.)

Such a huge contrast to the "woods" we have here in Ohio. Now that is what I would call a Forest.....I love all of the mossy green.

What a magical place. I imagine you could just stand there very still and soak it all in. Thanks for letting us do the same.


Totally amazing... making me itch just to get back outside!!

I particularly love your walk in the woods posts...this makes me wish I had a forest like that where I live!

Good call, that walk.

Makes me want to go take a walk in our similar woods today. :) Hi from Seattle! Mmm....I love the smell of moss.

Thank you for those views of green, wet, magical things from a reader in the desert.

Very 'Lord of the Rings'. :)

simply gorgeous images! thank you so much for sharing your beautiful walk. it was just what i needed this morning.

I am now researching flights because I simply must visit these woods!!!

Ohhh, now I'm really homesick!

Laurie in Iowa says: January 04, 2012 at 11:15 AM

Beautiful photos!

Beautiful pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally awesome!

WOW! Such beautiful, dramatic photos. I envy your artistic eye. Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to come right up (from Calif.) for a walk!

Amazing! I would LOVE to go for a walk in this beautiful forest! You captured the magic of it all so well with your camera. I think the wonder and majesty of this place is shown really well in the photo of Andy down near the water with all of the HUGE boulders (the 16th photo). I had to do a double take visually to see him standing there! Thanks for sharing!


Melissa Hansson says: January 04, 2012 at 12:30 PM

So beautiful. Do you mind if I ask where this is? My parents are coming to visit at the end of the month & I would love to take them on this kind of walk. Is there a book or web site you recommend for finding these kinds of places in the Portland metro area? Even after 10 years here I'm at a complete loss for where to go, where to park, how physically demanding the terrain might be, etc. Thank you!

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