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No doubt about it, I have had a lazy winter. My very cells felt tired. I tried to let them rest. There were many mornings when it was so dark and cold at wake-up time (and to know us is to know we generally rise around 5 a.m. — nurses' hours), I'd head downstairs to make up a thermos of coffee and bring it back up to bed after Andy headed out to work. Deep under the covers with a little black Cloverdog heavy on my legs (no, our animals have no concept of personal space — they barely let you position yourself before they are claiming some part of your body; I recently bought Violet one of those heated kitty beds, and have barely seen my cat since, so I know this cozy act is not personal, but purely thermostatic [though I like to think they do love me, too, maybe, a little]), I'd drink up my coffee and watch the news until the sun (or, more typically, clouds) came up. Last night I stayed up late having dinner and eating part of a small cake with dearest Amy, and this morning slept in until dawn, and wake now to see that the local weather report is, as I'd hoped, full of warmish, springlike things for the next few weeks. This will do nothing for my intention to be lazy, still. No. Supposedly, anyway, I have a job. Fabric for two thousand cross-stitch kits was ordered yesterday, so it is on. Upwards of forty-six thousands of yards of embroidery floss for us to cut and package will soon be on its way to the dining-room table. Excited. I truly relish this work, and am so grateful for it. It suits me. I don't know when we'll finish the kits, but I'm not going to rush it this time; things are happening. Eileen Beatrix and Nanny Katie, who worked so cheerfully and tirelessly on the ornament kits this fall, will be here to help again. I love having them here with me. I love that Clover Meadow loves them both so much and sleeps under the table on their feet while we work. Our crew. I feel ready to get busy.


That little cake looks delicious (and gorgeous).

We also wake up early around here (5AM) and I am, in fact, a nurse. :-) I love how quiet the morning are. I am glad I am an early riser.

Your winter sounds lovely.

I just love your photos today and that cake is 'to die for'! There's nothing like a corgi for warming up your toes! We have collies, not a corgi, but my friend's corgi was a great footwarmer, many years ago! Happy 1st of February.

Kathy McDonald says: February 01, 2012 at 10:02 AM

Alicia, what a wonderful post! You paint such beautiful word pictures of your lovely life. I am very excited about the cross-stitch kits, and will wait, very patiently, while you enjoy the process of assembling them for us. Thank you for all you do and for sharing so much of yourself with us.

I am quite looking forward to the cross-stitch kits! I think cross-stitch is the only form of embroidery that I can do without wanting to tear every piece of hair off my head! My fingers and toes are crossed that this PNW sunshine forecast holds...I could use a bit of bright, outdoorsy wandering & goodness up here in Seattle!

Oh, I am so excited about the cross-stitch kits! I haven't cross-stitched in years and had been getting the itch to take it back up again, so your timing is perfect for me. Just hope my eyes are still up to all that close work....

I am an early riser like you are...it's the best time of the day, for me. This morning I took my inspiration from you and lit a candle instead of turning on enough lights to read by...it was dim and cozy and I was grateful for my iPad with its backlighting.

Your post warmed my heart :)
I'm feeling more cheerful myself, even if the weather reports for Montreal are dreadful! February is often the worst month here, but I feel like Spring can't be too far away. My second little boy will turn 1 in March, and then I will breath a huge sigh of relief that the past year is done (it's been a rough one). I can't help smiling and looking forward to all the good things that could happen in the next year of his life.
I wish for a little of that sort of happiness for you, too.

Wonderful looking cake - and I´m deeply envious of that fire..! That´s number one on my list if we build a house. :-)

OMG that cake!!! Your house is so lovely - so inviting and cosy. Unfortunately I have to go to work soon - always thought it would be nice to be a stay at home lady and eat cake and lie on the couch. Just need to win lotto ha ha

I can't wait to order a cross stitch kit!

Oh, let's get busy, let's. I'm itching to stitch that sampler, whenever it is that you are ready to send it off into the world :) And, gosh, that cake!!

oh wow, if I thought the cake looked good before...amazing! The mantle looks exquisite. I look at your lounge and just want to move in :o) Yay at your imminent business. I for one am v excited about the kits.

That cake.
Can I come to your house for tea please? :)

Had to tell you that my husband just walked by the computer and said, "Oh, what a pretty fireplace!" (He's normally not very observant. The cake looks delicious, by the way.

Oh how your words warm my heart and my days! Thank you!

I am much more likely to order your new cross stitch kit, knowing you aren't putting a ton of pressure on yourself this time. And your wonderful tutorial helped me feel braver, too. I patiently and eagerly await your shop announcement!

You radiate warmth... and I strongly suspect that warmth and love is exactly what brings your pets, and us, 'round your circle.

Oh my goodness, I want to make that cake for my own bday next week, totally gorgeous!!! Also, I cant wait for those kits... I will be first in line to buy one. I adore how just a quick visit to your website makes me feel warm and cozy and happy. Your world is so lovely :)

Your blog is the brightest, most soulful place I can escape to with nothing more than the slightest click of a mouse. So you will excuse me if my constant clickage (checking back every hour, on the hour) is messing with your bandwidth; I just can't get enough.

Yes! Mantle! Completely lovely.

Curious about the windows on either side of the mantel. Looks like lace. Curtains?

The cake looks delicious and beautiful! And your living room is so inviting and cozy! Love the mantle!!

I just love how warm and cozy your home feels from just seeing your pictures, girl you are just downright talented. Got your Embroidery Campanion & Stitched in Time Books yesterday, Love them. Can't wait for the cross stitch kits, too excited.

I just wanted to say that you have made January (possibly the least photogenic month of the year) look amazing! Your photos are just lovely.

Your room looked so welcoming for your dinner with your friend last night - just beautiful.

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