Boysenberry Galette

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With frozen boysenberries, I made a quick fruit galette. Mine oozed berry juice everywhere while baking but it was still delicious. Let it cool on your pan before you try to slice or serve it. I used the whipped kind of cream cheese (just because that's what we had in the fridge), increased the powdered sugar in the cheese mixture to 3/4 cup, and sprinkled the top with demerara sugar. This is so easy and so yummy. I've never made one before, but I'll be re-writing this for the recipe box.

Very excited that the floss arrived yesterday. Forty-six 1,000-yard cones of it. Andy and I spent the afternoon at the hardware store finding things to help us fashion an enormous floss-unwinding "machine" on the dining room table. The goal is to be able to pull lengths from all forty-six cones at the same time, so we can cut them all at the same time, in one big hank. We're both a little excited to start building the machine this morning to see if my idea actually works.

Bye-bye table — I'll see you in a few days? Weeks? Not sure how long this will take!

Also, I'm still waiting for the cross-stitch fabric to come in. Once I actually have it in my hands, I will show you the finished sampler and start taking orders for the kits (and put the PDF pattern out, if you want to do it on your own). I've also ordered a ton of scissors, needles, and hoops for my web shop as well, so you'll be able to get everything you need there. I'll talk more about all of that as I start receiving things from my suppliers and I get closer to a release date for this kit, but I am expecting it to be in the next couple of weeks. I've decided not to take pre-orders for things anymore, so I won't start the sale until everything is in hand and assembled. It's too stressful trying to predict dates by which things will be done, and then be told by suppliers that there are unforeseen delays, etc. This time we are aiming to make enough kits that they will be able to stay in the web shop and be available indefinitely, so please don't worry that they will sell out before you get one. I don't think that is going to happen at all. We are making a ton of them — I want everyone to have one who wants one, even if I wind up with extras. So, stay tuned for updates on this, but things are coming together and I'm very excited! So happy to get busy again.

And yes, I'm totally thinking botanical sampler on black-ish background for the next one! Thank you to several of you who yesterday suggested I check out 18th-century cut-paper collage artist Mary Delany (who began creating her collages at age 72), and poet Molly Peacock's biography of her. Never in my life have I ordered a book faster than this. I cannot wait to see it.


I think I will have to put that one in the recipe box, too! I always pick blackberries in the fall and am on the lookout for recipes. Excited about the kits, too. xx

I just finished the book on Mary Delany that you've mentioned - it's really lovely. Quite different, I think, for a biography but so interesting if you like art/craft and history!

I'm going to try your galette with blackberries this weekend . . .

after seeing that delicious perfection of a dessert I want to play hookie from college tonight to stay home and make one.
Can't wait to see your new sampler and curious about what your unwinder will look like. Genius!

Your galette looks amazing. I'll have to see if I can get boysenberries in my area. I'm not sure I've seen them even in the frozen aisle.

Mmm.... looks amazing! I love that brand of frozen fruit -- Stahbush Farms makes it possible for me to make rhubarb goodies all year round.

So excited for the cross-stitch kits. Good luck getting everything together!

Karen Adams says: February 24, 2012 at 02:07 PM

Cannot wait for the sampler kit!!! and now I want berries and ice cream too.

I'm a botanist, a cross-stitcher, a quilter, a midwesterner, a gardener, a dog lover, a former 4-Her, a many reasons I enjoy your blog. What got me so pumped and feeling the need to comment is the concept, idea and imagination of the floss-unwinding machine! I hope your design is all you dream it can be!

Deby Goldsmith says: February 24, 2012 at 03:49 PM

I read the book last year and had the good fortune so see one of Mary Delany's amazing collages in the flesh at the British Museum last spring- I wasn't expecting it. When I saw it I got goose bumps and let out a fairly loud scream!
You will love the book!

I can't wait for the sampler. The winter greens and botanicals on black make me think of Caravaggio. Bx xxx

Those Mary Delany pieces are quite striking... very pretty! Can't wait to see what you come up with :) That galette looks pretty fantastic... it's always fun to whip up a little sweet fresh baked item now and again... empanadas are my go-to sweet... can fill them with anything :)

mmmm my mouth is watering at the sight of that galette, especially the big sugar crystals on the crispy bits of crust. even the bag that the frozen boysenberries came in is cute - that had to be a good sign :)

I am so glad that you were directed to the Molly Peacock book, I've started reading it...but because there is so much information , as interesting as it is, it is slow going for me...I hope you enjoy it...I love when a book such as this has "pictures" in it...Your blog brightens my day...even when everything isn't perfect, because it is real.
Thank You


Wonderful excitement with that delivery of floss! What a great idea to make a "machine" to wind off equal amounts of each color all at once. Sure will make the work easier! The galetta looks wonderful-it was a baking day here in Michigan today too---it snowed all night and most of the day today--tomorrow will bring plowing and snow-blowing--Ugh!!!

I am completely looking forward to the cross stitch kit! sounds so exciting! if you do a botanical one that would be so fantastic! I was at the flea market last weekend and was so inspired by some of the vintage and antique botanical prints, to do a cross stitch like that! but its a lot of work trying to design.. the galette looks delish!

The pie and the story of Mary Delany all in one post, a wonderful start to the weekend and Amazon may find itself beseiged with book orders tonight!

Ooo yum! Might have to try some this weekend!

I think you would love this book - beautiful illustrations and a lovely story!

Still trying to decide if I can commit to the sampler but, count me in for a hoop and some needles. I would love a good quality hoop.

I'm not sure what your idea is for your 'floss unwinding machine' but you might think of something like a Lazy Kate, only with many more pegs or dowels. Not to be confused with a Lazy Susan of course =)

I look forward to your posts so much. They are comforting and uplifting in a cyber kind of way. Thank you.

A- I still haven't gotten the last kit yet... And now you have another one coming out. Do you need any help with it? Or a break? Come visit the farm! We'd love to see you two! B

I really love your blog Alicia! It is so very refreshing. Looking forward to your future cross stitch kit and feeling relief that you are making surplus! Thanks :)

It's a very good thing I'm reading this at eleven o'clock at night. I've been laid up all week with a cold (I have asthma so they get serious) and my appetite and energy had disappeared but are beginning to return. Now these gorgeous pictures show up on my monitor...

I just love the thought of you and Andy planning your device, putting it together and making up the kits. Makes my heart happy. xo

I really like your blog:) great pics and so much inspiration..I wish you a lovely weekend.
LOVE Maria at

Sounds like it is going to be a busy few weeks!

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