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Just a fun, mish-mashy day. I was a busy girl. As I write, we have raisin bread in the oven (it's just the Dutch oven bread, which we make every few days, but with some raisins and cinnamon added), and when it's done we're going to make turkey sandwiches with Swiss cheese, lettuce, and Thousand Island dressing for dinner. Trying to re-create sandwiches from the Belgian Village Inn in Moline, Illinois. It's a weird combination but really good. I finished the Bosom Friend and it's way too big. Bigger than I intended. I don't like it. Boo, Bosom Friend! My fault, I didn't really follow the pattern at all. It was a Civil War pattern. I might try again. (Or just do another Tess, which I absolutely love and wear every single day.) The wonder girls were here all day unwinding floss. Love having them here. I have some photos of our contraption, "the machine," which is working like a charm! Yippee. I'll show you tomorrow. Andy repainted our little guest room over the weekend, and I fussed with it. Curtains and roller shades are on order. I'll show you when it's all in place. Gray walls, yellow gingham, flower drawings. My dearest friend, my Martha — she and her baby girl are coming all the way from Boston to visit. I'm so, so excited. Two weeks from today! Martha.


A deli near me used to make a similar sandwich on Pumpernickel. They called it the Russian Turk. Add a dollop of coleslaw in there. You won't be sorry.

that sandwich, first tasted at the griffin market at 28th and P in d.c., with a few permutations (smoked turkey, havarti, avocado and sprouts) is one of the best of all time. enjoy.

I love how homey you manage to make your life. I am such a homebody that could completely see myself doing all of the home work a day tasks and running a business in the comfort of my living room.

claire ashworth says: February 28, 2012 at 01:22 PM

Gray walls? nawwww, NOT YOU!! ;) can't wait to see!

that guest room needs a few black accents to help the gray and yellow pop! what bliss to have a guest, and a dearheart at that! my dearheart is coming in 24 days, and i can hardly wait!

post that recipe...sounds very interesting.

Enjoyed the post...I ate Swedish crepes this morning at IHOP and told my neighbor all the things you do...we had a great time talking and wishing we could keep up with you. Can't wait for the cross stitch to become available!


O my gosh! The Belgian Village...me and my husband have eaten there many times! We are from Davenport, Ia...right across the river from Moline! What a small world. Love the food there...the sandwiches are awesome! Just luv reading your blog and looking at your fabulous pictures. I luv photograghy and just got a canon 60d. Learning to take some great photos with it. I just luv it! Have a great day and keep the wonderful posts coming. :)

ahaaaah, yes, regarding the bread recipe in the link: 1 1/2 cups of warm water for the bread (i.e. one-and-a-half), not 11/2 cups, (which is almost 6 cups) to 3 cups of flour...........oooooops........... ehem! i'm slowly working my way towards the prize. i am *determined* to create something (at least *one* thing) that is as beautiful as *everything* in your blog!!!! and the yeast-bread-dough-soup that is turning into beer with foam on top on my kitchen counter is going into the toilet i think ... laughing out loud. laughing hysterically, in fact!

Honestly now..how do you keep everything so neat and tidy and so decorative? Wow

A bacon, egg and cheese sandwich is also fabulous on raisin bread. The salty and the sweet combo is wonderful. Good for breakfast or lunch (or anytime for that matter) Yummy!

sigh, i need a reason to move to beautiful portland. looking for a talented assistant, by chance?!


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