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It's no secret that all of us are a little bit afraid of the Bee. There's reason. No sooner did I get done bragging to Andy about how the Bee lately follows me everywhere, sits near me wherever I sit, and hangs out watching whatever I am doing than did she keep me from getting a big fat head about it by slapping me on the wrist (literally) when I petted her the "wrong" way (on the chest instead of [only ever] on the forehead). Andy heard the thwap of her tiny, lightning-fast little paw (and my surprised whinny) all the way across the room. Beeeeee!!! Why you gotta be that way??? We made up shortly after (after I apologized profusely). Getting roundly scolded by the Bee is always very nervewracking. It's hard not to want to pet her, because she's so dang cute. Well. Maybe cute isn't the right word. Cute like a baby goblin is kind of cute? Cute like the thing might . . . I don't know . . . suddenly decide to grab you by your nostril and not let go? Cute like that.

Reading How to Know the Wild Flowers by Mrs. William Starr Dana. It's so sweet. It was first published in 1893. I found this 1989 copy at Powell's yesterday when I was browsing around there as a little treat to myself yesterday afternoon, having finished the taxes, sent the sampler pattern off to the printer, and received word that our supplies for the kits should start arriving on Thursday. I have a new idea for a new embroidery project. These botanical drawings I've been spending time with are so beautiful. They are really inspiring me lately. My poor cyclamen. I guess it needs more sun than it is getting in our house? Or perhaps in the Pacific Northwest in general. It's like a visual manifestation of Portlander Vitamin D levels, somehow [swallows 5,000 IUs, stat].


Looking forward to seeing what comes of that inspiration!

Oh! I love stories about the Bee!

Looks like a fabulous book - botanical prints are especially lovely.

Please pass the vitamin D.

What wonderful progress, Alicia, even if Bee was upset for a bit! I have gathered most of my tax info, but have not completed filing... you encourage me to do so so that I can celebrate, too! I look forward to seeing what your next embroidery design will be. The botanical theme is promising. <3

I laughed so hard at this post! I have a lovely, terrifying, teeny tiny cat named Misha (we call her La Mish). Last week she had to have a swatch of fur shaved off of her belly. She hates being pet on her belly, but she loves to lay on her side and show off all that soft, wrinkly skin. Every time I try to tickle her peach fuzz, she closes like a venus fly trap on my hand. How can a creature be so scary and so cute all at once?!

The sweet kitty looks innocent enough...

Looking at Bee, her one eye giving me a clear message: I would only ever pet her one way, apologetically, humbly, on the forehead. Honest.

I had a cat that would clamp on to my nostril like that. Or my eyebrow and not let go. Ouch. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.

Your encounter with Bee reminds me of the children's book The Story of Mrs. Lovewright and Purrless Her Cat. Mrs. Lovewright just wanted a cat to snuggle with her and keep her feet warm on chilly nights, but Purrless set her straight. My girls love this book.

I have a cat similar to the Bee. Her name is Rudy. In her younger days she would jump up in our lap. That meant she wanted some loving right? Big no. We got her teeth sunk into our hands a few times before we just let her sit there. She would also sometimes sleep at the foot of the bed. We would discover this when our feet would go uncovered and make the mistake of moving. Chomp!
These days she sleeps peacefully by my head. Until 5:00 when she gets hungry. She is also 23 (!) and has five teeth left. We pet her and love her like crazy.

Uhhh... do we have the same cat? I could swear they look like twins: h
Ours also follows my husband around like a little dog, except she is very aloof and does not like to be held: straight-panic mode if you pick her up. She recently started sitting in his lap, and if it is unavailable, like he is lying on his stomach reading a book, she will lie next to him and lay her paws on his arm. Gotta be touching him at all times. :)

Our childhood cat would rip your face off, I can totally relate to the trust issue :)

P.S> Love to see a full face picture of Bee to compare :)

our mimi was the same...she looked like bee too. xo

We had two cyclamens in our house since November. one downstairs, with heat on and off and ample sun from the East. one upstairs, little sun exposure (small window) from the West, and no heater turned on, temperature constant around 60F. and we watered both once a week, from bottom up. the one upstairs is going to bloom again, it has been dormant for two months. the downstairs cyclamen is completely dead. dead, like the plant could not keep its leaves. it is a very fickle plant, but so rewarding when it is in bloom!

Gotta talk to you about colours. I notice that the colours inside your home lately are absolutely, totally identical to the woodsy colours outside your home. You're becoming a Woodland Creature. Its all browns and greys and mossy greens. I kind of miss the blues and pinks that were surrounding you a few years ago.
lots of love

Julie G. in Iowa says: February 21, 2012 at 01:22 PM

Before I even read your post here, I saw the photo of "The [Queen] Bee" and thought to myself, "that is not a happy kitty".
I'm blessed with happy kitties in my house - they're what I lovingly call 'attention whores'. LOL! They're never more content than when my hubby and I are giving them long tummy rubs and snuggling on the couch with blankies. Maybe it helps that they're inside-only cats?

Intrigued about your botanical inspired embroidery project. That might get me to step away from the sewing machine and stitch by hand!

I love Bee's well refined glare. My kitty, Saru-chan, is super affectionate and saves her fast paws and grumpy vocals for the dogs and the car.

I was wondering if you could tell me where you found the lovely paisley cloth you sometimes have on your table. It is so pretty and I would love to find a similar one.

That yarn is fantastic - very beautiful!

I wonder if you've ever read, any maybe I've suggested this before, The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady. It is a hand-illustrated and written 1906 journal by Edith Holden. It is the loveliest thing almost ever.

My mum bought it for me when I was about 12 and I have been in love with the book ever since. I've never seen the dramatization.


Sounds like a few cats I know and (obsessively, pleadingly) love. When my dear cat took a good swipe at me, I instantly burst into sobbing horrible tears. My husband had to walk me very gently to the bathroom and help me wash it out. I surprised all of us, including myself.

In other news, glimpses of your pretty life make me happy!

Our first cat, Pookie, a calico, would alert you if you were in danger of petting her one too many times. You could usually pet her twice before her ears stood up straight and THAT was the signal. Our present one is the other extreme...he'll roll over on his back and loves to have his tummy rubbed!

That book does look very inspiring! :)

I had to chuckle about the story of Bee... sorry...:) When we first got married we had two kitty cats. Samson (mine), and Bandit (Richard's). Samson loved to bite my nose in the middle of the night...a love nip every now and then. We have had many female cats, and they can be the hardest on you! Our daughter's cat, Pumpkin, can give an unexpected "whip" at the most unsuspecting moments!! We do love her though! She is just too pretty not to still go up and pet her! :)

Your mudpuppies post is SO very pretty. WOW! Love the bird captures and the lovely outdoors!!

Happy day to you!


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