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Oh, my sweet little poet. I think she's writing villanelles in her mind. She's very serious. Sensitive. So sincere. My Clover Meadow. I love her so.


Clover Meadow looks like such a sweetheart!

Your dog writes poems. Mine likes to watch videos of monkeys. Kind of wish I had a corgi.

lucky you...oliver only thinks of two food? food? food?....walk? walk? walk?

Oh she is the prettiest Corgi ever! Our dogs (not Corgis) would only write poems if treats, cuddles or walks were involved.

Cyndi Shepard says: February 16, 2012 at 05:47 PM

Dogs make the best companions! it is hard not to love their cute faces! ;-)

She does have the cutest little face :)

Love Clover Meadow. That yarn is lush, too. So Heather-y. I went to a spinning workshop yesterday at the Damascus Fiber Arts School and the instructor gave us some extremely wild and crazy fiber to spin.. I posted a photo of it on my blog and even put in in my new header. It's cuh-RAZY looking! Isn't the weather today blucky? Buddy barks hello to Clover. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Such a sweetheart! My Camellia Rose sends greetings to Clover Meadow. Perhaps they are distant cousins! : )

.... oh and I went and talked to the knitting class in the next classroom and told them about your blog. :-)

Oh, this makes me want a dog! (I haven't had one since childhood :)

if only clover could talk to us. just. look. at. that. face. she is precious.

she makes me giggle and coo every time i see her. she is so adorable

Look at that precious face. She is so sweet. Give her lots and lots of kisses for me.

Love the green plaid coat with the khaki shawl! I have noticed you usually don't do much green. I tend to stick it everywhere, but I'm really loving your greys and I'm really thinking about them...

Clover Meadow is the most precious dog ever!

She really is an abnormally good-looking dog.

So precious! We made your curried lentil soup this evening; it was wonderful! Thanks!

I can see why!

Very cute doggie, and I love your coat too!

What a cutie! I love all your posts about your pets :)

I wonder what breed your pooch is? My inlaws rescued an almost identical dog last year from a shelter and have wondered what he is. Poor boy he was beaten they think and is terribly show but harmless. He used to hide in the bathtub. Now at least he goes to his comfy bed to hide.

Puppy Love! She looks at you adoringly!

Don't you love it when they look at you like that? She is a love!

Perhaps one of Clover Meadow's villanelles is:

I just have to say,
My home is full of love
Stitched in dearly hued displays.

Christina M says: February 16, 2012 at 11:30 PM

I would love to know the name of the yarn you are using. I have been looking for a single ply wool yarn in a muted yellow tone for a knitting project. Any info would be appreciated.

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