Weekend WIPs

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Crocus blooms : : A big pancake : : A bosom friend : : Yarn I don't like : : Taking the chair cushions in : : Making garden plans : : My Aestlight, finished a year ago, well-worn, just photographed : : Late nights up talking : : Watching American Pickers : : Pretty plant names : : Rose mallow, feverfew, hollyhock, sweet pea, foxglove, Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate : : Gray light and candlelight : : A new knitting basket for me : : Just to name but a few.


What lovely things to have in progress!

I love feverfew. It goes kind of nuts, but the flowers are so sweet, and you can grab a handful and fill up a vase whenever you want. Aren't plant names wonderful? I liked how J.K. Rowling used so many names of stars for people in her books, and I also think it would be fun to have characters with plant names, like "Fortescu Hollyhock" or "Archibald Feverfew."

I love all your photography lately, Alicia. These still lifes (lives?) remind me of Carl Larsson, but also Rembrandt! You've got some good chiaroscuro going. :)

And such a lovely, inspiring, pretty *few.*


Always in awe of your beautiful place settings.

Sounds like a perfect weekend :)

Oh, I just want to breathe in your lovely world. Thanks for letting us inside. Your new knitting looks soft and cozy...and that pancake...
yummy--all of it.

you always make my day better xoxo

I love your blog, but I don't think I've ever commented! However, I noticed your butter dish in the third to last picture and it is the exact same one I treated myself to a couple weeks ago when I was feeling rather blue. Just seeing it on my counter brightens my day :)

I love your tablescapes and the way the light gleams from the candlesticks and glasses.

I just love seeing your knitting projects! And your always cozy home. We're having a snowday here so I think I hear my knitting calling...you've inspired me :)

A new knitting basket . . . now your talking. Love it!
And everything else.

A great size for a knitting basket. I think I need one as well, I keep stuffing, and stuffing my project in my current bag, and it just isn't working too well. I really need to try to make a big pancake - yum!!

I recognize page 125 in the Johnny's catalog! It's dog-eared in our copy - love that borage photo. Can't wait to start planting too.

Your photos are always so inviting! One might just wish to step into it and discover all the little treasures!
Thank you for sharing and may you have a blessed week!

saw your rock with its little crocheted jacket -- did you make it? too lovely! need to make the pancake. thanks for sharing.

I love your photos and the shawl you are knitting looks gorgeous!

Always love your posts and your pictures! My only complaint (promise!): when your post includes links to Ravelry, do you know that it requires signing in? Sigh.

Oh, goodness! I had to do a double-take because your garden-planning photo looks so identical to my coffee table at the moment. I'm already addicted to graph paper and clip boards for every project. I sketch it out and make a similar list. I bought new markers for the process this year.

This is such a sweet photo post.

The top picture reminds me so much of a painting by Carl Larsson! It all looks so lovely, welcoming and cosy. And I love the shawl, may have to add that to my ever-growing list.

I love that skillet pancake it is so yummy.

I love all your wood and baskets and pottery

Get the borage - you will love the edible star flowers. They are an absolute lovely blue.
The other blue starry flower you might consider is Nigella -Love In A Mist. Much prettier plant - kinda fern-frondy delicate.
The borage plant is not so nice.

There is something special about your photos. Perhaps it is the west coast light combined with the deep brown of the table and the silver of the candlesticks that conveys such a warm feeling of a lazy day at a beloved grandmothers home. They transport me every time I drop in. Fantastic as always!

You are my "Martha Stewart"... I think I'm beginning to steer my life according to the way you do things! It's time to plan the garden!

Ah, the olde Dutch baby. Standard breakfast-at-dinner fare in our house growing up. Looks like you had a wonderfully cozy weekend. Planning is the very best part of it all, both in knitting and gardening!

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