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Crocus blooms : : A big pancake : : A bosom friend : : Yarn I don't like : : Taking the chair cushions in : : Making garden plans : : My Aestlight, finished a year ago, well-worn, just photographed : : Late nights up talking : : Watching American Pickers : : Pretty plant names : : Rose mallow, feverfew, hollyhock, sweet pea, foxglove, Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate : : Gray light and candlelight : : A new knitting basket for me : : Just to name but a few.


I think as spring creeps in you might want a little lighter warmer on your shoulders? A little fluff might not be a bad idea! hee hee

I love your garden list. Go with anything with "wort" in the title. It will make you feel really knowledgeable, like a wise medicine woman. Even if you aren't.

Lovely weekend... I do love your table and all that goes on it.

The dutch baby looks good, I must make one soon. Looks like a cozy winter weekend!

Your Æstlight shawl is GORGEOUS, it's just looks so 'classic' a shawl for all times.

Your 'big pancake': our verison which we call 'An Egg-Thing' is one of our all-tie favs.

Love each and every blog post you write.


I love this. Would that be a Hootenanny? The big pancake? ;)

Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate is one of my faves!!!!! It is very prolific, and very very TALL. and swoopy. and strong. and okay.

I have to plan my garden right now :)

I have been dreaming of a heart warmer ever since your last post. So beautiful!

any reason why pictures can't be on the blog instead of Ravelry? I hate having to join something to read a blog.

Marking up garden catalogues with a big black pen or highlighter is one of life's true joys for me - the anticipation!

Larkspur and Hollyhock,
Pink Rose and purple Stock,
Lovely smelling Mignonette,
Lilies not quite opened yet,
Phlox the favorite of bees,
Bleeding Heart and Peonies -
Just their names are nice to say,
On a summer’s day.

- Dorothy Aldis

I was watching American Pickers and getting some knitting in too! Perfect weekend plans, I think!

My favourite kinda weekend!

Such beauty here. You have become a true inspiration to me.

Kathleen Dooly Bourne says: February 13, 2012 at 02:59 PM

Alicia: I just love your little syrup jug--I have one exactly the same and never knew what it was for. I think holding syrup for a "Finnish pancake" (aka a big pancake) is the perfect reason for its being. I had seen a picture of yours in a past entry, but forgot to comment as I was just so pleased to know that I could use it as well as have it on display.

I adore those coffee mugs!!!!

I have the heat turned down in the house this afternoon-trying to lower the gas bill. Then looking at your photos warmed me up. So full of cozy and happy contentment. Thanks!

Peace and calm and something to look forward too. I have an iron pan that my mom gave me, it's good for baking cobblers in too.

Peace and calm and something to look forward too. I have an iron pan that my mom gave me, it's good for baking cobblers in too.

Alicia - your world is always so lovely. Touched by your warm & lovely heart. That is what I see.

I think I have your cousin (s) placement (woven/braided), only in oval :) I love them.

My clip board still has last year's planting design. I put my tomato seeds in a dome last week, and hope to grow some plants to pop in the ground in late March (plus oodles of other stuff - and it's time to bring in the brocdoli and brussels). YAY! Spring, it is almost here. (only summer is rather dreaful in Arizona)

I can't wait to see peach and plum trees blossom. And quite covet the cherry trees around you. There are cherry trees right? I am not inventing this memory, am I?

You are lovely.

i am soooo ready to start reworking my yards. be careful of allium. i had some and they self-sowed and now i have green onions all over the back yard. my chamomile has taken over, too, but the scent is yummy. cancel out the onions? if you can get snakeroot, plant it near the door. the perfume at night is beautiful. as always, thank you for the truly lovely peek into your life. you are one-of-a-kind, alicia.

Such pretty coffee mugs! I think I need to get a basket like that for a trip I'm taking soon - would be perfect for my crafty stash for the plane. I'm not a good gardener so I think I will just watch yours grow via your blog!

Pancakes. I am having pancakes for dinner tomorrow. Your pancake reminded me that is tomorrow.

Lovely images.. I also noted your butter dish. I have a vintage Shawnee corn butter dish but I was so worried about dropping the lid that now I use a Le Creuset butter dish in green. But I like yours better! The shawl is magnifique! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

I'll be right over! I felt full and cozy and a tad bit sleepy after reading this post; perfect.

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